1099 Electronic Filing: IRS Releases E-Filing Specs for 2010 1099s


Our 1099 software includes full support for 2010 1099 e-filing in accordance with IRS publication 1220 Specifications for Filing Forms 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, 8935 and W-2G Electronically. To download a free demo, please visit the 1099 software download page. 

General Changes for Tax Year 2010 1099 E-Filing

(1) Under the Combined Federal/State Filing Program, the Form 6847 was obsoleted. IRS no longer requires this Form as part of the Combined Federal/State Filing Program. For approval to participate in the Combined Federal/State Filing Program test filing is still required.

(2) Change in contact name from IRS/ECC-MTB to IRS/IRB (Information Returns Branch), Information Reporting Program to Information Returns Branch and added Mail Stop 4300 to mailing address.

Programming Changes for Tax Year 2010 1099 E-Filing

(1) For all Forms, Payment Year, Field Positions 2–5, for the Transmitter “T” Record, Payer “A” Record and Payee “B” Record must be incremented to update the four-digit reporting year (2009 to 2010), unless reporting prior year data.

(2) Payer “A” Record moved the Combined Federal/State Indicator from field position 26 to field position 6.

(3) Payer “A” Record, expanded Type of Return field from a one position to a two position field. Previously the field position was 27, now it is field positions 26–27.

(4) New Form 1097-BTC, Bond Tax Credit.

In the Payer “A” Record added:
—field positions 26–27 Type of Return added new code BT,
—field positions 28–41 Amount Codes add 3 for ‘Stated Principal’, 4 for ‘March 15, 2010 Allowance Date Credit’, 5 for ‘June 15, 2010 Allowance Date Credit’, 6 for ‘September 15, 2010 Allowance Date Credit’, and 7 for ‘December 15, 2010 Allowance Date Credit’.

In the Payee “B” Record added:
—field position 547 for Issuer indicator, 1 indicates ‘Issuer of Bond or Its Agent Filing Initial 2010 Form 1097-BTC for this bond’, 2 indicates ‘An Entity that received a 2010 Form 1097-BTC for this Bond’
—field positions 548–555 for Bond Issue Date, format YYYYMMDD
—field positions 556–563 for Maturity Date, format YYYYMMDD
—field positions 564–576 for CUSIP Number
—field positions 608–610 Bond Code:

101 Qualified Forestry Conservation Bonds
102 New Clean Renewable Energy Bonds
103 Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds
104 Qualified Zone Academy Bonds
105 Qualified School Construction Bonds
106 Clean Renewable Energy Bonds
107 Midwestern Tax Credit Bonds
108 Other
109 Build America Bonds
—field positions 611–619 for Bond Issuer’s Identification Number
—field positions 620–659 for Bond Issuer’s Name

(5) Form 1098-C, Payee “B” Record changed the Goods and Services from field positions 731–748 to field positions 731–746 reducing the field length from 18 to 16 positions.

(6) Forms 1099 INT, Payee “B” Record new field added. Field title CUSIP Number in field positions 587–599.

(7) Form 1099 R, Payee “B” Record field positions 545–546, added new distribution codeWfor ‘Charges or payments for purchasing qualified long-term care insurance contracts under combined arrangements’, changed code 6 description to ‘Section 1035 exchange (a tax-free exchange of life insurance, annuity, qualified long-term care insurance, or endowment contracts)’, and changed code E description to ‘Distributions under Employee Plans Compliance Resolution Systems (EPCRS)’. Distribution code W can be used with code 6.

(8) Form 3922, Payer “A” Record, field positions 28–41, add Amount Code 8, Exercise Price per Share Determined as if the Option was Exercised on the Date Option Granted.

(9) Form 5498, Payer “A” Record, field positions 28–41 Amount Codes, deleted Amount Code E, Other Contributions and deleted the corresponding Bankruptcy Code in field positions 560–561 of the Payee “B” Record.

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