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EFW2 or EFW2 format is a type of file used by employers and payroll providers to report w2 forms electronically with the SSA (Social Security Administration) . Each year the SSA updates the W-2 electronic filing instructions through what is called the “Specifications for Filing Forms W-2 Electronically” or EFW2. For example for tax year 2009 (w2’s reported in 2010) the SSA issued 2009 EFW2 specifications (EFW2 Tax Year 2009).

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Where can I find an EFW2 Software?

Our W2 Mate software is a full EFW2 software that complies with the SSA Specifications for Filing Forms W-2 Electronically. Read More.

How Does a file in EFW2 Format look like?

A file using the EFW2 Format has the following structure or layout:

RA Record – Submitter Record (Required)
RE Record – Employer Record (Required)
RW Record – Employee Wage Record (Required)
RO Record – Employee Wage Record (Optional)
RS Record – State Wage Record (Optional)
RT Record – Total Record (Required)
RU Record – Total Record (Optional)
RV Record – State Total Record (Optional)
RF Record – Final Record (Required)

How can I create an EFW2 file?

You will usually need a computer software to create the EFW2 file for you. It’s not easy to manually create an EFW2 file by hand.

Does a file in the EFW2 Format have a certain file extension?

No it does not and you can name the EFW2 anything you want.

What character sets are used by the EFW2 format?

 ASCII-1 (American Standard Code for Information Interchange-1) for SSA Business Services Online submitters.

Is there a set length for each record in an EFW2-formatted file?

Yes, 512 bytes.

Are there any restrictions concerning the number of records for an EFW2 file?

EFW2 can hold up to one million employee wage records.

Does the EFW2 Format have any rules for money fields?

Money amounts inside a file that complies with the  EFW2 format must contain only numbers, with no punctuation and must include both dollars and cents with the decimal point assumed.

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