Intuit EasyACCT Information Return System (IRS): Print / E-File W2 Forms and 1099 Forms

Our W2 Mate software can be used to import W2 and 1099 forms data from Intuit EasyACCT “Information Return System” (IRS) once it gets exported as Comma Separated Value (CSV)  format.

Information Return System users should be able to easily export W2 and 1099 data into CSV from the screen used to prepare W2 or 1099 forms inside the software. 

Once the W-2 and 1099 data is exported to CSV it can be imported into our W2 Mate W2 1099 software by going to the “Import Data” menu item.

After importing the data, you can use W2 Mate to prepare, print, e-mail and e-file W2 and 1099 forms.

To learn more about W2 Mate software and for a free demo, please visit .