Printable W2 forms | Printable W 2 forms | Print W2 Forms Using W2 Software

Printable W2 forms are easily generated using our W2 Software . Users can create and print W 2 forms for different tax years including 2010, 2009 , 2008 , 2007, 2006 and before. For a free demo of W2 Mate software, please go to the W2 Software Download page or go to .

Below are step by step instructions on how print W2 forms (generate printable W2 forms) using our software:

Step 1:

Download and install our printable W 2 forms software. A free demo can be downloaded from here:

Step 2:

Start W2 Mate by clicking the icon on the desktop.

Step 3:

Setup your company information. You will need to specify values for the following fields: Employer Name, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, Employer Identification Number and contact information.

Step 4:

Add your employees under “Employees” screen.

Step 5:

Click on the “W2 Forms” icon from the left toolbar. Now for each employee you will need to enter the different figures for the W2 Form.

Printable W2 form Box 1—Wages, tips, other compensation. Enter the total taxable wages, tips, and other compensation (before any payroll deductions) that you paid to your employee during the year.

Printable W2 form Box 2—Federal income tax withheld. Enter the total federal income tax withheld from the employee’s wages for the year (do not reduce the wages by any advance EIC payments made to the employee).

Printable W2 form Box 3—Social security wages. Enter the total wages paid (before payroll deductions) subject to employee social security tax but not including social security tips and allocated tips.

Printable W2 form Box 4—Social security tax withheld. Enter the total employee social security tax (not your share) withheld, including social security tax on tips.

Printable W2 form Box 5—Medicare wages and tips. The wages and tips subject to Medicare tax are the same as those subject to social security tax (boxes 3 and 7) except that there is no wage base limit for Medicare tax.

Printable W2 form Box 6—Medicare tax withheld. Enter the total employee Medicare tax (not your share) withheld.

Printable W2 form Box 7—Social security tips.    Enter the tips that the employee reported to you even if you did not have enough employee funds to collect the social security tax for the tips.

Printable W2 form Box 8—Allocated tips.    If you are a food or beverage establishment, enter the tips allocated to the employee.

Step 6:

Once you enter the W2 information for each employee click the “Save” button to save your printable W2 forms data.

Step 7:

Now to print your W2 forms click on the “Print” button and follow the steps on the screen.

If you have any questions about our printable w2 forms software or if you would like to download a free demo of our program, please go to or visit the W2 Software page.