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QuickBooks users who are trying to prepare, e-file, e-mail or print QuickBooks 1099 form can achieve just that using our W2 Mate software. With the help of the QuickBooks direct import functionality inside our W2 Mate 1099 software, QuickBooks users can easily import 1099 data from QuickBooks  and then use our software to print QuickBooks 1099 or e-File QuickBooks 1099’s. Users can even E-Mail QuickBooks 1099 forms if they use W2 Mate Option #6 to create PDF 1099 forms. A free demo of our 1099 software can be downloaded from the 1099 software download page or by going to www.realtaxtools.com .


QuickBooks 1099 Form : Step by step instrucitons on how to print QuickBooks 1099 using our QuickBooks 1099 software

(1) Download and install a free demo of W2 Mate software. You can download the demo from here: http://www.realtaxtools.com/download.html 

(2) Make sure QuickBooks is properly installed and configured on the machine where W2 Mate 1099 software is installed.

(3) Make sure QuickBooks is already open and running.

(4) Make sure The company you want to import the QuickBooks 1099 forms from, is already open inside QuickBooks.

(5) From the top menu inside W2 Mate click on “Import Data” and then select “From QuickBooks”. This will bring up the QuickBooks 1099 import wizard.

(6) Make sure to read the instructions on the first screen carefully and then click Next.

(7) In the second screen click on the “Connect to QuickBooks” button. This will make W2 Mate software connect directly to QuickBooks in order to read 1099 form data. Click on the “Next” button to go to the next step in the QuickBooks 1099 import wizard.

(8) In the next screen where you specify the type of data to import and the tax year. Select “1099-MISC” Data, specify the tax year you want to import data for and click “Next”.

(9) Now W2 Mate will retrieve the QuickBooks 1099 form data from the QuickBooks software and display it in a spread sheet for the user to be able to preview or modify the recipient and 1099 form information. Once you’ve verified the QuickBooks 1099 information click “Next” .

(10) The QuickBooks 1099 form data will now get downloaded to W2 Mate software.

(11) Inside W2 Mate click on the “1099 Forms” shortcut inside the “Shortcuts” toolbar on the left of the screen. In this screen you will be able to review the information for each QuickBooks 1099 form downloaded from the QuickBooks software.

(12) To print QuickBooks 1099 click on the “Print” button. In the dialog that comes up select the 1099 recipients to print the QuickBooks 1099 forms for and select the type of 1099 copy to print. Our QuickBooks 1099 software allows you to print 1099 Misc Copy B- For Recipient, 1099 Misc Copy C- For Payer, 1099 Misc Copy 1-For State Tax Department or 1099 Misc Copy 2- To be filed with recipient’s state income tax return.

(13) We will also need to print QuickBooks 1099 Copy A. This is the copy you need to send to the internal revenue service and you need to print on red-ink paper . You can order these 1099 forms from our website by going to the 1099 forms page. To print the 1099 form you send to the IRS select “Print data only on a preprinted Red-ink Laser form [Copy A for Social Security on red-ink form]” . Please make sure you have pre-printed 1099-MISC in the printer before you hit the OK button. If you would like to e-mail your QuickBooks 1099 forms to your recipients, then you can click on “Create PDF 1099’s” to create PDF files for the 1099 forms you downloaded from QuickBooks. Once you have the PDF files you can send them to your recipients by e-mil or put them online for your recipients to download.

 (14) Once you are done printing QuickBooks 1099 MISC forms, you need to print form 1096 (summary of all 1099-MISC forms you are sending to the IRS). To print form 1096, click on the “1096 Form” icon, this will display the 1096 screen, which should have all the fields already populated. Now make sure you have a pre-printed 1096 in the printer and click the print button.


QuickBooks 1099 Form : Step by step instrucitons on how to e-File QuickBooks 1099 using our QuickBooks 1099 e-file software

(1) Follow steps one  through eleven above on how to import 1099 data from QuickBooks and how to verify QuickBooks 1099 forms once they are downloaded into our W2 Mate software.

(2) Now we will start the QuickBooks 1099-Efile process. From the top menu inside W2 Mate click on E-Filing and then select 1099-MISC Forms. This will bring up the “Electronic Filing Transmitter Setup”.

(3)  Fill in the information inside the “Electronic Filing Transmitter Setup” dialog. Of interest are the  “TIN” and “TCC” fields. TIN is the taxpayer identification number such as Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number. TCC stands for “Transmitter Control Code”. If you don’t already have a TCC code you can apply for now by submitting Form 4419 to the IRS. According to the IRS, new users are required to submit Form 4419, Application for Filing Information Returns Electronically, to request authorization to file Information Returns with the IRS. Mail your completed Form 4419 to:

Internal Revenue Service
Enterprise Computing Center – MTB (ECC-MTB)
Information Reporting Program
230 Murall Drive
Kearneysville, WV 25430

Or fax your completed Form 4419 to:

877-477-0572 (toll-free)

304-579-4105 (not toll-free)

Upon approval, a five-character alpha/numeric Transmitter Control Code (TCC) will be assigned and mailed to you. Form 4419 should be submitted to IRS at least 30 days before the due date of the returns for current year processing.

(4) Once W2 Mate create the 1099 electronic file for QuickBooks, you can log into your IRS FIRE account and upload the 1099 e-file to the IRS.



W2 Mate provides all the tools for QuickBooks users to print QuickBooks 1099 form, e-File QuickBooks 1099’s and even e-mail 1099 forms imported from QuickBooks software.