Illinois Unemployment Monthly Reporting (IDES Monthly Filing)


Our Payroll Mate software now supports Illinois Unemployment Monthly Reporting as mandated by IDES. This new feature gives employers the ability to create files in a special format defined by the department of employment security and ready to upload through Taxnet (IDES online tax filing application).

In the past, only employers with 250 or more employees needed to report monthly. This threshold has been lowered to 25. Employers will continue to submit quarterly reports, but will also submit eight additional monthly wage reports. Payroll Mate supports both monthly and quarterly reporting.

The monthly IDES electronic file includes the following information on the employer side: federal employer identification number (FEIN), IL employer UI account number and total wages paid to workers during the reporting period. On the employee side the information that needs to be reported includes: first name, last name, social security number and IL unemployment wages.

Once the electronic file is created by Payroll Mate, employers will need to visit , logon and upload the submission for the month. First time users will need to register and agree to the electronic filing certification. Reporting submissions may begin as early as the 16th of the current month and are due on the last day of the following month. For example employers must file October reports by November 30th, but can start filing by October 16th.


Our Payroll Mate software now supports Illinois Unemployment Monthly Reporting as mandated by IDES.

Our Payroll Mate software now supports Illinois Unemployment Monthly Reporting as mandated by IDES.

Run Payroll in QuickBooks 2011 without Upgrading to QuickBooks 2014


QuickBooks 2011 has been discontinued by Intuit on May 31, 2014 (QB 2011 payroll sunset). This means that current QuickBooks 2011 users will not be able to run payroll, pay employees or file payroll forms especially the upcoming second quarter 941 form without upgrading to QuickBooks 2014 and signing up for a new payroll subscription (please refer to QuickBooks service discontinuation policy and upgrade for more details).

Our Payroll Mate 2014 payroll software offers a great alternative to employers and tax professionals, who wish to continue to use QuickBooks 2011 and still do payroll in-house.

Why Payroll Mate 2014 is a great alternative to QuickBooks 2011 (and other versions) users:

  • $119 per calendar year for up to 10 companies with 75 employees per company. No per employee or per check charges. The price of Payroll Mate has not increased in 10 years. We grow by adding customers and not by increasing prices.
  • Easily import your employees from QuickBooks including names, addresses and socials.
  • Enter year-to-date information so you can switch mid-year. You will be able to print 2014 941 for the second quarter although you processed part of your second quarter checks in QuickBooks.
  • Powerful export capability to QuickBooks. Once you are done processing payroll inside Payroll Mate, export checks and payroll data to QuickBooks 2011 (or any other copy) for accounting purposes.
  • Free US-based technical support.
  • Easy to use and setup. Click here for full feature list.


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Maryland W2 Electronic Filing and Form MW508 Faq

These are some common questions we get about e-Filing Maryland W2s using our W2 Mate software including EFW2 format and form MW508.

Does W2 Mate support Maryland W2 Electronic Filing?
Yes it does including all the special modifications of the SSA EFW2 format.

I need to e-File more than 25 Maryland W2 forms. How many forms does W2 Mate support?
W2 Mate does not impose any limitations on the number of forms you need to e-File. There is no per form or per filer fees.

Does W2 Mate follow the “Maryland Employer Reporting of W-2s Instructions and Specifications Handbook”.
Yes it does.

Does W2 Mate include a date and time stamp in positions 497-512 of the ‘RE’, ‘RS’ and ‘RV’ records?
Yes W2 Mate allows the user to enter a time stamp for all these records.

Does W2 Mate support Maryland Central Registration Number?
Yes W2 Mate adds Maryland Central Registration Number under the “RE” record in positions 222-229.

Does W2 Mate support form, MW508, Annual Employer Reconciliation Return?
Yes W2 Mate allows the user to enter the fields for form MW508 and then includes these fields under the “RV” record.

Does W2 Mate include the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) in the RS record?
Yes under positions 328-336.

Does W2 Mate auto format numeric fields properly?
Yes W2 Mate right-justifies and fill numeric fields with zeros. W2 Mate fills unused fields with zeros.

What records does W2 Mate include in the e-File?
W2 Mate includes RA-Submitter Record, RE-Employer Record, RS-State Record and RV-Total Record.

Do you offer free trial of W2 Mate?
Yes at


2013 Form 1099-DIV Changes


The IRS introduced the following changes to forms 1099-DIV in 2013:

– Two new copies have been added: “Copy 1 for State Tax Department” and “Copy 2 to be filed with recipient’s state income tax return, when required.”

– The size of “Recipient’s name” box has been reduced.

– The size of “City or Town” box has been increased to accommodate additional information.

– The “Account Number” and “2nd TIN not” boxes have been moved.

– Although the size of the “Payer’s federal identification number” and “Recipient’s identification number” boxes remained the same, the amount of space allowed for entering data has been reduced.

– Lines separating a number of boxes have been shifted.

– Verbiage changes to both payer and recipient address boxes.

A free 1099-DIV Software trial can be downloaded from our website by visiting


IRS Section 1.6041-1(e)(5) Example 5


If you read form 1099-MISC instructions for “Box 1. Rents”, there is a paragraph that states “See Regulations section 1.6041-1(e)(5), Example 5.”. We have been getting inquiries from some of our 1099 software users who can’t locate the section referred to by this paragraph.

Below is the text for Example 5 from section 1.6041–1 (this text is taken AS IS from the US printing office – ):

“Example 5. G is a rental agent who manages certain rental property on behalf of property owner H. G finds tenants, arranges leases, collects rent, responds to tenant inquiries regarding maintenance, and hires and makes payments to repairmen. G subtracts her commission and any maintenance payments from rental payments and remits the remainder to H. With respect to payments to repairmen, G is performing management or oversight functions and is subject to the information reporting requirements of section 6041. With respect to the payment of rent to H, G is subject to the information reporting requirements of section 6041 regardless of whether she performs management or oversight functions or has a significant economic interest in the payment. See § 1.6041–3(d) for rules relating to rental agents. See § 1.6041– 1(f) to determine the amount that G should report to H as rent.”

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