Alabama Updates Payroll Withholding Tables Booklet


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The state of Alabama recently updated the “Withholding Tax Tables and Instructions for Employers and Withholding Agents” booklet. There have been no changes to the payroll withholding tables themselves. This new booklet is a quick-reference source providing answers to the most commonly asked Alabama withholding questions.

This booklet contains tax tables and general instructions for computing, withholding, and remitting Alabama withholding tax. Because many monthly, quarterly and annual withholding tax returns are now being filed electronically, coupons are no longer automatically mailed to all withholding agents and employers. Coupons are no longer produced for those required to file electronically or for those who have voluntarily elected to file electronically. Employers who register for a withholding tax account number using our on-line application have an option to receive coupons. Those electing to file electronically will be sent instructions. Accountants and tax filing services may register as bulk filers through the Department’s Web site.

Employers or other withholding agents can register with the Department by completing a withholding tax application. The application (Combined Registration/ Application) can be completed and submitted on-line. The on-line withholding tax application can also be downloaded, completed and mailed to the address provided on the application. Our IL DOR address is .

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