California Payroll: New e-Services will enable employers to handle their payroll taxes online in 2011


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The California Employment Development Department (EDD) will significantly expand its e-Services for Business in the spring of 2011. Employers will be able to keep track of their accounts and do much of their business with EDD’s Tax Branch over the Internet. These new services will enable them to quickly file returns, make payments, view account information, and manage their accounts securely online.

The new system will also eliminate the annual reconciliation process for employers starting with the 2011 tax year. New quarterly tax forms for next year are currently under development to allow for reporting total Unemployment Insurance (UI) taxable wages and State Disability Insurance (SDI) taxable wages. This will result in faster refunds and identification of amounts due each quarter.

This Internet-based system is the most significant change in the payroll tax process in the past 25 years. It will revolutionize the way EDD’s Tax Branch does business and communicates with employers.

The new Expanded e-Services for Business, quarterly forms, and redesigned account statements will support EDD’s goal to “make employment taxes a breeze” for California employers.

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