Creating a new payroll check and checkstub training video

Below is one of our payroll training videos for creating a new check and checkstub using our Payroll Mate payroll software.


  • Select "Checks" from the Navigation Pane.
  • Select "New" from the checks tool bar.
  • Next you will be prompted with the "Check Details" dialog box, use this
    dialog box to enter in the check information including: target employee, pay
    date, incomes, taxes, deductions.
  • Use the drop box to select the employee you wish to create a check for.
  • Enter in the appropriate check number.
  • Select the pay date.
  • Select the beginning date of the pay period.
  • Select the end date of the pay period.
  • If the employee gets paid by the hour enter in the amount of hours
    he/she has worked.
  • If necessary enter in the amount of overtime hours he/she has worked.
  • You can see the net pay for the employee located on the bottom right
    hand corner.
  • Select okay when you are finished entering in the check details.
  • Congratulations you have successfully created a new payroll check using
    Payroll Mate payroll software.