Alabama W2 Electronic Filing Software : Create AL EFW2

Alabama W2 Electronic Filing Software

Generate EFW2 Files that comply with AL Electronic Filing Specifications

Alabama business Filers and employers can use our W2 Mate software in order to generate W-2 Electronic filing submissions that comply with the Alabama Department of Revenue "Specifications for Filing Wage and Tax Information Electronically". The Alabama DOR requires electronic submission of wage and tax information for 25 or more wage statements (W-2 Forms). To file electronically through the Department’s Web site users must follow the procedures and specifications outlined in Alabama Form 10.

Alabama W2 E-File Software

Step by Step Instructions on how to E-File W-2 Forms Electronically with the state of Alabama:

1. Open the company you want to e-File Alabama W-2s for inside W2 Mate software.

2. From the top menu select "E-Filing > W2 Forms".

3. Fill out all information in the dialog that comes up. Under the "Federal or State" section, select "State" and then select "Alabama" as the state name.

4. Specify the output file name and click OK. If W2 Mate complains about any errors, you will need to fix them and create the file again.

5. You can download the AL_W2Report_Check.xls to check your W2 file before uploading to the Alabama Paperless Filing System. This Excel spreadsheet will check your file based on the specifications provided by Alabama Form 10 and the Social Security Administrations EFW2.

6. Visit the Alabama DOR website to upload the file.

7. If you face any issues you can contact the AL DOR at 334-242-1300.

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