Colorado W2 Electronic Filing Software : Create Colorado EFW2 (CDOR EFW2)

Colorado W2 Electronic Filing Software

Generate EFW2 Files that comply with CO Electronic Filing Specifications

Colorado small businesses and filing agents can use our W2 Mate software in order to generate W-2 Electronic filing submissions that comply with the Colorado Department of Revenue CDOR EFW2 Specifications. Colorado employers with greater than 250 employees are required to submit electronically. Those businesses with fewer employees may submit W-2s electronically or file paper W-2 statements. To file electronically through the Department’s Web site users must follow the procedures and specifications outlined in Colorado (FYI Withholding 6 Methods of Filing Colorado Annual W-2 Tax Data). By the last day of March employers must submit to the Colorado DOR any W-2 statement by secure electronic submission.

Colorado W2 E-File Software

Step by Step Instructions on how to E-File W-2 Forms Electronically with the state of Colorado:

1. Make sure you have the login credentials for using the "Colorado Withholding Online System". All submitters must register on Revenue Online prior to submitting a file.

2. Open the company you want to e-File Colorado W-2s for inside W2 Mate software.

3. From the top menu select E-Filing > W2 Forms.

4. Fill out all information in the dialog that comes up. Under the Federal or State section, select State and then select Colorado as the state name.

5. Specify the output file name and click OK.

6. If W2 Mate complains about any errors, you will need to fix them and create the file again.

7. Log into the Colorado Withholding Online System.

8. Upload the EFW2 file generated by W2 Mate.

9. Revenue Online will validate the full file and list all errors contained rather than rejecting after the first error is found.

10. An email will be sent to the address supplied verifying the Department has received the submission. Print this email

11. If you face any issues you can contact the CO DOR at (303) 205-8292.

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