W2 Mate (1099 DIV Software)

Print / File Electronically 1099 DIV & Other 1099 Forms.

  • Prints on 1099 Dividend laser forms and on blank paper.
  • Supports 1099-DIV, MISC, INT, R, S, 1098-T, 1098, 1099 A, 1099 B, 1099 C, 1099 PATR and 1099 OID Forms.
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  • Automatically calculates totals for 1096 and W3.
  • eFile 1099 DIV & eFile 1099 Forms (Electronic Filing).*
  • Exports IRS 1099 DIV forms & W2 /1099 forms to Excel.
  • Unlimited W2, 1099 & 1099 DIV recipients / payers.
  • Meets Internal Revenue Service & SSA regulations.
  • Powerful Import for W2 / 1099 Data*
  • Download - risk free trial. Click "Download FREE Trial"
  • Complimentary US-based technical support.
  • 1099 Import from Intuit QuickBooks.*
  • Available for 2019 (2020 season), 2018 & before.
  • This 1099 DIV System runs over a network.*
  • Forms other than W2, 1099-NEC, MISC, W3 and 1096 require Option #5 in addition to W2 Mate.*

* Optional Feature-Additional Fee

1099 DIV Software : E-File / Print 1099DIV Forms | Prepare 1099 Dividend

IRS Form 1099 DIV: Dividends and Distributions

W2 Mate is a powerful W2 / 1099 software that supports a number of 1099 forms other than 1099-DIV. This page is dedicated to 1099-DIV, to read about the full capabilities of W2 Mate click here .

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Our 1099 Dividend Software prints the following 1099-DIV (Dividends and Distributions) copies:
   1099-DIV Copy B (1099 Dividends Copy B): For Recipient.
   1099-DIV Copy C (1099 Dividends Copy C): For Payer.

   All these form 1099-DIV copies can be printed on blank paper with black ink.

Our 1099 DIV System prints ON the following official IRS laser forms:
   Laser Copy A of form 1099 DIV (1099 Dividends Laser): For Internal Revenue Service Center.
   Laser 1096 form : Annual Summary and Transmittal of U.S. Information Returns.

Below is a screenshot of our 1099DIV Dividends and Distributions IRS Software: Form 1099DIV

Other features of our 1099-DIV Software

Support for an unlimited number of 1099-DIV Filers and unlimited number of employees and
1099-DIV recipients, unlike other W2 and 1099 Dividend systems!

Exports 1099DIV data to Excel format.

Imports data for 1099-DIV forms from CSV files. A detailed 1099-DIV manual for importing data guides the user through the import process. (Data import requires W2 Mate Option #3)

Imports 1099 Data (for 1099-DIV and other forms) from QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree, Microsoft Dynamics
(Great Plains), Sage DacEasy and other accounting software.(requires W2 Mate Option #3)

10-99 DIV EFile (1099-DIV Electronic Filing) through IRS FIRE (requires W2 Mate Option #4)

Helps filers meet IRS 1099 Dividend reporting requirements.

Upon entry of basic 10 99 DIV recipient information, the program automatically populates 1099-DIV form, with data-entry screens using form replicas.

Our 1099 DIV program, which can be installed on local workstations or networked servers, can be used either by small businesses preparing IRS 1099DIV forms in-house or by tax firms managing the 1099-DIV compliance
needs of several clients.

Our 1099 system (along with any optional feature code(s)) can be delivered by email for instant access or shipped on a CD (compact disc).

For a detailed description of this IRS 1099-DIV software and its features,
please visit our IRS 1099 software page.

FREE 1099 DIV Software

Quick Guide to form 1099-DIV Boxes (all these types of 1099-DIV payments are supported by our 1099 Tax DIV software)

IRS Form 1099 DIV Box 1a Box 1a: Total Ordinary Dividends
Use 1099 Dividend Software to enter dividends, including dividends from money market funds, net short-term capital gains from mutual funds, and other distributions on stock. Include reinvested dividends and section 404(k) dividends paid directly from the corporation. Include as a dividend the amount of the recipient's share of investment expenses that you report in box 5.

Form 1099-DIV Box 1b Box 1b: Qualified Dividends
Enter the portion of the dividends in box 1a that qualify for the zero and 15% capital gains rates.

IRS Tax Total Capital Gain Distr Box 2a: Total Capital Gain Distr.
Enter total capital gain distributions (long-term). Include all amounts shown in boxes 2b, 2c, and 2d.

Form 1099 DIV Program Box 2b: Un-recap. Sec. 1250 Gain
Enter any amount included in box 2a (if you already filled out this box inside 1099 DIV printing software) that is an un-recaptured section 1250 gain from certain depreciable real property.

Form 1099 DIV Box 2c Box 2c: Section 1202 Gain
Enter any amount included in box 2a that is a section 1202 gain from certain qualified small business stock.

Form 1099 DIV Software Box 2d Box 2d: Collectibles (28%) Gain
Enter any amount included in box 2a that is a 28% rate gain from sales or exchanges of collectibles.

1099 INT DIV Software Box 3: Non-dividend Distributions
Enter non-dividend distributions, if determinable. File Form 5452, Corporate Report of Non-dividend Distributions, if you are a corporation and paid non-dividend distributions to shareholders.

1099Divs Software Box 4: Federal Income Tax Withheld
Enter backup withholding.

1099 Tax DIV Software  Box 5: Investment Expenses
Enter the recipient's pro rata share of certain amounts deductible by a non-publicly offered RIC in computing its taxable income. This amount is includible in the recipient's gross income under section 67(c) and must also be included in box 1a. Do not include any investment expenses in box 1b.

1099 Dividends Distributions Box 6 Box 6: Foreign Tax Paid
Enter foreign tax withheld and paid on dividends and other distributions on stock. A RIC must report only the amount it elects to pass through to the recipient. Report this amount in U.S. dollars.

Form 1099 DIV Box 7 Box 7: Foreign Country or U.S. Possession
Enter the name of the foreign country or U.S. possession to which the withheld tax applies.

Cash Liquidation Software for DIV Box 8: Cash Liquidation Distr.
Enter cash distributed as part of liquidation.

Form 1099 DIV Box 9 Box 9: Noncash Liquidation Distr.
Enter noncash distributions made as part of liquidation. Show the fair market value as of the date of distribution.

1099 Tax DIV Form Who Gets What Copy?

1099-DIV Copy A: For Payer to file with IRS
1099 Form DIV Copy B: For Recipient to keep for their files/records
1099 Form DIV Copy C/State Copy C: For Payer or State Copy

Our 1099-DIV software is designed for use by businesses and tax professionals; this is not a 1040 software or 1040ez program .Please visit the IRS website if you are looking for 1040 instructions.

Ready to print and E-file 1099 IRS DIV forms? Download a free demo of our 1099 DIV software now , enter actual recipients and see for yourself how easy and powerful this software is (make 1099 DIV in minutes).

Where to mail form 1099 Form DIV (Dividends and Distributions)

Once you use our 1099 Dividend Software to create 1099DIV forms you can mail them to the address below (please double check the 1099 DIV mailing address with the 1099 DIV forms instructions for the current tax year):

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia:

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service Center
Austin, TX 73301

Alaska, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming:

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service Center
Kansas City, MO 64999

1099 Form DIV Sample
Sample 1099 DIV

1099-DIV QuickBooks | 1099 DIV and QuickBooks

Although Intuit QuickBooks only supports 1099-MISC forms, our 1099-DIV software allows QuickBooks users import 1099 data and then map it into 1099-DIV forms with the ability to specify which box the money amount goes to. For example the user can remap QuickBooks 1099-MISC amounts stored under 1099-MISC Box 7 (Nonemployee compensation) into 1099-DIV Box 1a Total ordinary dividends. Once the QuickBooks data is imported as 1099-DIV data inside our software, the user can modify it, print it to laser 1099 DIV forms, print it on regular white paper or electronically file QuickBooks 1099-DIV with the IRS.

1099 DIV Software for IRS

How to print forms DIV 1099 using our software.

1- Install W2 Mate software. If you haven't bought our Form DIV 1099 Software, then you can start by downloading a FREE demo here.

2- Start W2 Mate software.

3- Click on Company icon from the left toolbar and fill out your company information. Please make sure to fill out the fields under 1096 information tab.

4- Click on the 1099 & 1098 Recipients icon from the left toolbar.

5- Add your 1099 DIV recipients one by one (you don't need this step if you imported your 1099DIV data from file or from an accounting software such as QuickBooks).

6- Click on 1099 & 1098 Forms tab from the left toolbar. Under Form Type, click Select and then pick Form 1099-DIV from the list.

7- Now you should be inside the 1099-DIV screen.

8- Go through the 1099 Dividend recipients one by one and enter the money amounts. For example fill out Box 1a Total ordinary dividends. Please remember to save data before you move from one recipient to another.

9- Now to print data click on the Print button. This will bring up the Print 1099 DIV forms dialog. Select the recipients you want to print and the type of copy. You can print all copies on regular white paper except for "Dividends and Distributions Copy A For Internal Revenue Service Center", you need to print it on pre-printed forms.

10- If you are printing on pre-printed 1099 forms DIV then you can adjust the offset(s) until you get a perfect copy.