How to E-File W-2 Forms with the SSA Using W2 Mate® Software

Follow this tutorial to create W2 E-File Submissions using W2 Mate® software in the EFW2 format and then upload to the Social Security Administration Business Services Online (SSA BSO website).

Step # Step Details
1 Select “E-Filing > W2 Forms” from the top menu inside W2 Mate.. See screenshot below:

Click E-Filing > W2 Forms


Now W2 Mate will open the “W-2 Electronic Filing Submitter Setup” screen (as shown in the screenshot below). Please fill out all the boxes in this screen. If you would need more information on the fields and how they should be filled in, please click the "Help" button in the upper right corner of this screen.

Very Important Notes:

  • Under “Federal Or State” section make sure to select “Federal” since you are filing with the SSA.
  • The default file name used by W2 Mate starts with “W2REPORT-” followed by the company name and then ends with the extension “.txt”. The SSA will not recognize the file if it does not end with .txt (file extension).
  • Submitter Name and EIN are the same name and EIN you used when you registered with the SSA in order to obtain a User ID (PIN). Contact Name: Name of the person the SSA would contact with any issues related to the W2 electronic filing submission you are creating.

W-2 E-File Setup Inside W2 Mate
3 Once you have entered and reviewed all information in the “W-2 Electronic Filing Setup”, go ahead and click the “OK” button and W2 Mate will create the resulting W2 Wage File that you need to upload to the SSA. If there are no issues in the output file, W2 Mate will show the success message below:

W2 EFile Created Successfully
4 Now we need to check the file generated by W2 Mate using AccuWage tool:
  • Log on to SSA Business Services Online:
  • Select the 'Report Wages to Social Security' link
  • Accept the attestation
  • Once on the Electronic Wage Reporting (EWR) home page, select the fourth tab labeled AccuWage Online and then click the AccuWage Online link to access the AccuWage Online Home page.
  • Open AccuWage Online
  • Under “Submission Type” select “W-2(Regulars)” and then click the “Start Testing” button.
  • Upload the wage file that was generated by W2 Mate (remember the success message that W2 Mate shows when you create the file has the name and path of the file that you need to upload).
  • Very Important Note: Please ignore / disregard the following informational alert message that AccuWage might show when testing the file: “This alert is informational only. Submitter EIN [Position 3-11] and Employer/Agent EIN [Position 8-16] are an exact match. Please verify that you intended to have the Submitter EIN and Employer EIN match before proceeding. No further action is needed if this was intentional.”
  • For a full tutorial for AccuWage online, refer to the official documentation from the SSA or call 1-800-772-6270.
5 Now we come to the most important step of this whole process. We need to upload the wage file to the SSA. :
  • From inside the AccuWage page, you need to click “Return to EWR Home” to go the main page. OR you can go to the Business Services Online link, login and then click on 'Report Wages to Social Security' link.
  • Select the Upload Formatted Wage File tab to access the new Wage File Upload program.

  • Upload Formatted Wage File tab
  • Click Submit a Formatted Wage File.

  • >Click Submit a Formatted Wage File
  • Check the radio button for W-2/W3 forms for Tax Year 20xx or previous tax year (EFW2).

  • >Check the radio button for W-2/W3 forms for Tax Year 20xx or previous tax
  • Click the Browse button.
  • Select the wage file that was generated by W2 Mate. Do make sure to select the correct file. Please remember that the file created by W2 Mate always starts with “W2REPORT - ” and then the company name. So, for example if your company name is “My Company” then the file name would be “W2REPORT - My Company.txt”.
  • Click "Upload File" button. If the file passes the preliminary checks, the system will display a success page; if the file fails the preliminary checks, the system will display a failure message on the Upload File page or a failure page with failure information and instructions on what to do next.
  • Print the confirmation for your records.

If you would like to follow the official Wage Upload Tutorial from the SSA, please refer to the link below:


In a couple of days, check the W2 wage file upload status:

  • Log on to SSA Business Services Online.
  • Click the "Report Wages to Social Security" link.
  • Click the "View Submission Status" link.

See official tutorial from SSA:

How to contact the SSA if you need help with W-2 E-Filing