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Title: How do you create a new income category using this payroll solution software?
Post by: Real Business Solutions on May 21, 2007, 05:15:30 PM
This Small Business Payroll Software allows you to create an unlimited number of fully customizable Income, Tax, and Deduction categories making this payroll software extremely flexible to fit exactly your payroll needs.  Let me walk you through the process of creating a new income type for an employee:

1.  Start by going to the Company Setup.  You can do that by clicking on the “Company” button on the left side of the     application.

2.  Now Click on the “Income Categories” Button.

3.  Click on Add to create a new Income Category.

4.  Fill in the different fields. Below are suggested values:

   a.  Title: Commission.

   b.  Abbreviation: Commission.

   c.  Type: Select from the drop down menu the way you will calculate this Income.

   d.  The taxes and deductions have already been selected for this type of income category,
         however, you may remove any deduction or tax from an income category that you create.

   e.  Press OK to finish.

5.  Go to the employees list by clicking the “Employees” button on the left side of the application.

6.  Select the employees who has this income type and click Edit.

7.  Click Next until you reach the “Income” Page, you should see the income you added as one of the listed incomes.  Make sure you check the box next to it. Click Next and then Finish to finalize your changes.