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Title: Is there a limit of how many deductions I can create with your payroll program?
Post by: Real Business Solutions on May 23, 2007, 12:25:09 PM
We support unlimited number of user-defined income, tax and deduction categories.
To create a deduction category:

Select "Company" located on the navigation pane.

Select "Deduction Categories".

Select "Add" from the menu to create a new Deduction Category.

Enter the "Deduction Details".

If this Deduction Category is exempt from any taxes check the tax box under “Exemptions”.

Once you are finished entering all the necessary information select "OK".

After creating the Deduction Category go back to your employee to apply the deduction.

Select the employee to whom the tax is applicable and select "Edit" from the menu.

Once entering the wizard select “Next” five times until you reach the "Deductions" category.

Listed on the screen are possible deductions.

Select the deduction that has been newly created. This will make the deduction applicable.

After selecting the proper box select "Next" until you reach "Finish".

Congratulations you have successfully created a new Deduction Category!