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Top Reasons To Use Our Small Business Payroll Software

  • Very easy to use: As a small business owner you can greatly cut time and cost by using a payroll solution that is quick to learn, yet includes all the features you need.


  • Very affordable: Our payroll program costs a fraction of what a payroll service provider would charge to manage your payroll. We were told by some of our customers that Payroll Mate cost them less than their monthly subscription for 5 employees with an outsourced payroll service.


  • You own the software and you own the data:  Payroll Mate is NOT a hosted or online payroll solution. You download the software to your own machine where you can setup your payroll data. No one can take care of your business information and protect it as much as you will. 

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  • Stand-alone payroll package: Our payroll program was built from the ground up to be a full-featured payroll solution for small and mid size businesses. It's not an accounting package trying to do payroll.  Most accounting and human resources applications that do payroll, had the payroll processing feature added at a later stage, and in some cases forced into the workflow of the software.


  • Accurate: Our small business payroll program uses the  "Percentage Method" to calculate payroll taxes, this method works for any number of withholding allowances the employee
    claims and any amount of wages.


  • Powerful Payroll Capabilities: Payroll Mate automatically calculates employee earnings, taxes, deductions, net pay and much more. With the ability to create custom payroll items, the user has full control of his or her payroll workflow.

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  • Prints payroll checks:  For a small business doing payroll in house, it's very important to be able to print checks and paystubs. With our payroll program, this can be achieved with one click of a button.


  • Support for payroll tax forms: With Payroll Mate you can easily create, print, save, export and e-mail 941, 940, W2 and other payroll tax forms.


  • Exceptional complimentary technical support: We understand the needs for a small business, this is why our payroll software comes with free technical support over the phone, via e-mail and through our website. And yes, our support team is located in the US and not oversees.


  • Up to date: One of the tricks that payroll service providers and online payroll websites use to get small business to use their products is by trying to convince them that a stand alone payroll program is not easy to update. Payroll Mate incorporates a state of the art auto update mechanism that automatically checks for, downloads and installs  any new updates such as payroll tax table changes.


  • One step backup and restore: Worried about your payroll data? With our payroll program you can easily backup your data to any type of media and restore it later. the software also comes with a feature that auto reminds the user to do regular backups.


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In conclusion if you are looking for a payroll software that works for your small business and can meet your needs as you grow then we invite you to try our payroll solution by clicking on the link below. Using the demo you can do real payroll with real employees and checks, if you like the software then buy it and if you don't then simply uninstall it, but we definitely hope we will be able to earn your business!


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