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Create an unlimited number of payroll items.

Payroll Mate allows you to create an unlimited number of fully customizable Income, Tax, and Deduction categories (payroll items)  making this payroll software extremely flexible to fit exactly your payroll needs.

Each newly created company is automatically filled with a number of default Income, Tax, and Deduction types, including federal taxes to save you time and effort. Some of the income payroll items automatically included with our payroll program are "Regular Hourly Pay", "Overtime Hourly Pay", "Yearly Salary", "Bonus", "Tips Received Directly by Employee" and "Tips Paid by Employer". Examples of  income payroll items you might choose to create include Double Overtime, Commission, vacation pay, sick pay and piecework.

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When creating an income type the user has full control over the way the new payroll item is defined. Some of the fields that the user can specify include:

  • Abbreviation: Used when printing the check stub as the name of this payroll income type.
  • Type: This is mainly used to define how this income item is calculated, possible values include Per Year, Per Hour, Fixed and Variable.
  • List of taxes to be applied to this income type. For example the user might choose not to apply state tax to a certain income.
  • List of deductions to be applied to this income type. For example the user might choose not to deduct 401K for this income type.

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