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Payroll Mate Screen Shots-Employee Tax Setup



This screen allows the user to define  the different payroll tax settings for an employee inside Payroll Mate Payroll Software. Some of the settings include:

  • Federal Filing Status.
  • Number of Federal Allowances
  • Pay Frequency.
  • Whether the employee receives Advance EIC Payments or not.
  • Whether the employee participates in a retirement plan or not.
  • State Income Tax Setup.

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Below is more information about some of the fields used in this dialog:

  • The value for "Federal Filing Status" can be Single, Married or Head of Household.
  • The number of federal allowances should be taken from form W-4. The employee needs to complete Form W-4 so that the employer can withhold the correct federal income tax amount.
  • The number of state allowances is usually taken from the state "Employee's Withholding Certificate" form.
  • Pay Frequency (or payroll period) represents how often a payment of wages is ordinarily made to an employee:
    • Weekly Payroll: once per week or 52 pay periods.
    • Bi-Weekly Payroll: every other week or 26 pay periods.
    • Semi-Monthly Payroll: twice per month or 24  pay periods.
    • Monthly Payroll: once per month or 12 pay periods.

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