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Payroll Mate Screen Shots-Form 941 Preview

Form 941 Preview


Payroll Mate allows the user to preview 941 tax form before printing. From the preview window the user can review the different fields in the form and can also Export or Email this tax form in different formats including PDF, JPEG, HTML or Excel.


Payroll Mate Automatically Prepares Form 941
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Some of the main fields that an employer would usually review on the 941 tax form include "Taxable social security wages", "Taxable social security tips", "Taxable Medicare wages & tips", TAX ADJUSTMENTS and "Advance earned income credit (EIC) payments made to employees". Our Payroll Software for Small Business makes preparing, reviewing, printing, exporting and saving this form easy and convenient.

For more instructions and for some background information about Form 941, Employer’s QUARTERLY Federal Tax Return, please refer to "Instructions for Form 941" available from the IRS. These instructions will tell you who must file this payroll form, how to fill it out line by line, and when and where to file it.

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