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How to Check for Updates

W2 Mate® software updates are included in your purchase. W2 Mate® prompts users to check for updates and notifies them when updates are available. Program updates are pushed via the auto-update mechanism. Quickly install updates with a click of a button.

Step by Step Instructions

Note: Your computer will need to be connected to the internet

1. Click "Help"

2. Select "Online Update (Internet)"

3. The Auto Update box will open

Auto Update Step 1: Checking for new updates-If there are no new updates to download you will click "Close"

Auto Update Step 2: Downloading new updates-If there are new updates they will download

***Wait until update download completes-do not close out of the update box or W2 Mate software***

Auto Update Step 3: Installing updates and restarting W2 Mate-If there are new updates they will install and W2 Mate will restart

4. Click "Close"

Check for Updates in W2 Mate®

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