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How to Combine Multiple 1099/1098 Electronic Submission Files

W2 Mate® gives users the option to bulk send 1099 / 1098 electronic submission files to the Internal Revenue Service. Spend less time finishing year-end reporting by combining multiple individual 1099 and 1098 electronic files. Bulk IRS e-files can be generated based on type of form. One file may contain multiple companies’ files for one type of form such as 1099-MISC. A second file may contain multiple companies’ 1099-INT forms. W2 Mate® makes creating a bulk electronic submission file, used to e-file with the IRS FIRE system, for each company and each type of 1099 and 1098 form hassle free.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Create a new master folder either on your computer or external drive for each form type and then save each of the 1099/1098 electronic filing submissions you created inside W2 Mate into each master folder

Note: You cannot combine different form types in the same folder. You cannot combine duplicate files for the same company in the same folder. Transmitter information must be the same for all files.

Once the master folders are complete, open W2 Mate software

2. Click "E-Filing" from the top menu bar

3. Select "Combine Multiple 1099 Electronic Submission Files"

4. Click "Select Input Folder"

Note: Input folder is the current folder that has all of the individual electronic submission files you created in step 1

5. Select Input (Source) Folder you created in step 1

6. Click "OK"

7. Click "Select Output File Name"

Note: Output folder is the folder where you will save the new combined file to upload to the IRS FIRE system

8. Select location to save the new combined file

9. Click "Save"

10. Click "Combine Files"

11. Click "OK"

W2 Mate will then take you to the folder where the new output file was created

Combine 1099/1098 Electronic Submission Files in W2 Mate®

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