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How to Create a New Recipient

W2 Mate® supports an unlimited number of 1099 and 1098 recipients. Users can create an unlimited number of companies, recipients, and forms. W2 Mate® fits the needs of accountants with many clients as well as small business owners. Simply click the recipient’s icon and then click new recipient. This tutorial shows the easy steps to add a recipient to W2 Mate® software.

Step by Step Instructions

Make sure you have the correct Company open inside W2 Mate

1. Click "1099 & 1098 Recipient" from the Shortcuts menu

2. Click "New 1099/1098 Recipient" button

3. Select the correct type of 1099/1098 form(s) this recipient will receive

4. Type in the New Recipient data in each field

5. Click "OK" to save data in all fields

Create a New Recipient inside W2 Mate®

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