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How to E-File 1099-K Forms

W2 Mate® offers users the ability to create electronic submission files for 1099-K forms, Merchant Card and Third-Party Network Payments, to be submitted through the IRS FIRE system. E-file all 1099-K tax forms at the same. This feature allows you to effortlessly generate an electronic submission file and eliminates the need to purchase red ink forms. This tutorial shows how easy it is to use W2 Mate® software.

Step by Step Instructions

Note: Before you can file electronically with the IRS you need to obtain a TCC code (Transmitter Control Code). If you filed with the IRS electronically before, then you should already have a TCC code. If this is the first time you are filing electronically then you can easily obtain a TCC code by submitting Form 4419 to the IRS. You will need a TCC code to electronically file regardless of the software.

Make sure you have the correct Company open inside W2 Mate

Note: In order to use this feature you must purchase and enable W2 Mate Option #4 to electronically file

1. Click "E-Filing" from the top menu

2. Select "1099-K Forms"

This will open the Electronic Filing Transmitter Setup page

3. Complete all of the Transmitter and Company information fields

4. Enter the Contact Information

5. Click "What is Combined Fed/State and which states participate?" for additional information and to see if your state participates in the program

6. Check the Combined Fed/State program filing box if your state participates in the program and you want to include state data in your electronic submission file

Note: Combined Federal/State Program available for forms 1099-MISC, DIV, INT, OID, R, B & K

7. Select correct response to direct IRS on what to do if State/State ID box is empty from the drop down menu

8. Select "Browse" to select the location for the electronic file to be saved

9. Click "OK"

10. To open the folder when the file was saved, Click "Yes" on the pop up screen

Now log in to the IRS FIRE system website to upload your 1099-K electronic submission file

To access the IRS FIRE system website from inside W2 Mate:

11. Click "IRS & SSA Instructions" from the top menu

12. Click "Go to IRS FIRE System Website (1099 Electronic Filing)"

You will be re-routed to the IRS FIRE system website (, where you must log in to upload and submit the file you have created.

Note: Log into the IRS FIRE System Website. If you do not have a user name and password click “Create New Account” link and follow the instructions. If you have any questions regarding the IRS FIRE system website call (866)-455-7438.

E-File 1099-K Forms in W2 Mate®

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