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How to Enter a Foreign Company Address

W2 MateĀ® will accommodate a company issuing W2/1099 tax forms from a company with a foreign address. If you are issuing W-2 and 1099 US tax forms from a company located outside the United States this tutorial will show you how to enter the company address.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Click "Company" from shortcuts

2. Go to the General Information tab

3. Confirm this is the correct Company Name/Employer Name to update

4. Enter Company street address in Address 1 field

5. Enter Company City, State, Zip Code in Address 2 field

Note: Leave the City field Blank, Leave State field Blank, Leave ZIP or Postal Code Blank

6. Select correct Country from drop down menu

7. Click "Update"

Enter Foreign Company Address in W2 MateĀ®

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