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How to Import 1099 Data Using Sage 50 / Peachtree

W2 Mate® offers users the ability to import the data for 1099 and 1098 Forms using Sage 50 Accounting. Our 1099 tax software has a dedicated 1099 import wizard for importing data from Sage 50 / Peachtree. The user can map the data into the different 1099/1098 form types supported by our software. Large accounting offices and CPA firms, small and large employers, and all types of Sage 50 users will find this to be an affordable and user friendly 1099 printing and filing solution. The steps in this tutorial are a small sample of the support we offer.

Step by Step Instructions

You will create the 1099 data CSV file from the Peachtree software.

Once you have your CSV file ready, Open W2 Mate

Make sure you have the correct Company open inside W2 Mate

Note: In order to use this feature you must purchase and enable W2 Mate Option #3 to import

1. Click "Import Data" from the top menu

2. Select "From Sage 50/Peachtree (1099 Data)"

This will open the Peachtree Import wizard

3. Read Message then Click "Next"

4. Read Steps then Click "Next"

5. Load the "1099 Vendor Report" inside Peachtree software then Click "Next""

6. Copy "1099 Vendor Report" data to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet then Click "Next"

7. From inside Excel save the report data as a CSV file then Click "Next"

8. Click "Browse" to select the CSV file from Peachtree

9. Click type of 1099 data being imported from the drop down menu

10. Checkmark "I would like to remap input 1099 data" if needed

11. Select new 1099 form you want Peachtree 1099 data mapped to from the drop down menu

12. Select 1099 box you would like monetary amounts mapped to from the drop down menu

13. Click "Next"

14. Review data on screen

15. Click "Next"

16. Click "Finish"

Import 1099 Data Using Sage 50 / Peachtree into W2 Mate®

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