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How to Import Company Information

W2 Mate® has the ability to import company information. W2 Mate® does not impose limits on the number of companies (filers). This feature is attractive to accountants and filing service providers. If you are using W2 Mate® software for a large number of clients, save time by importing your clients, either one by one, in a batch, or all companies at one time. Users will import this information from an Excel/CSV file. For assistance with the importing process follow this tutorial.

Step by Step Instructions

Note: In order to use this feature you must purchase and enable W2 Mate Option #3 to import

1. Click "Import Data" from the top menu

2. Select "Company Information (CSV-Excel)"

This will open the Import Company Information wizard

3. Click "Browse" to select the correct CSV file

4. Map the fields

5. Click "Import"

6. Click "OK"

7. Click "Close"

Import Company Information into W2 Mate®

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