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How to Modify Values on a 1096 Form

W2 Mate® automatically populates Form 1096 based on the information entered inside the software for each type of 1099 and 1098 form. We stand by the calculations our 1099/1098 forms preparation software makes. If you choose you can modify the totals on Form 1096. In the print options window users have the ability to check a box to allow the overriding of figures.

Step by Step Instructions

Note: Real Business Solutions is confident in our W2 Mate calculations. However, W2 Mate does allow you to modify the calculations on form 1096.

Make sure you have the correct Company open inside W2 Mate

1. Click "1096 Form" from shortcuts

2. Click "Select Type of 1099/1098 form to be filed"

3. Select the type of 1099/1098 form

4. Click "OK"

5. Click "Print"

6. Check "Override 1096 Calculations"

Note: The new values entered will not be saved

7. Edit Box 3, Box 4, and Box 5 as needed

8. Click "OK"

9. Select printer

10. Click "OK"

Modify Values on a 1096 Form inside W2 Mate®

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