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How to Print Form W3

Use W2 Mate® software to print W3 Forms. This W2 software automatically calculates the totals on summary transmittal W3 forms. W2 Mate® offers users the ability to print W3 tax forms on pre-printed red-ink laser forms or to print an SSA approved substitute W-3 on blank paper. W2 Mate® eliminates the need for pre-printed forms while still leaving the option open to print on pre-printed forms.

Step by Step Instructions

Note: W2 Mate will print the data on a Red Pre-Printed W3 Form or on blank paper with the purchase of W2 Mate optional feature code #1-Generate Laser Form

Make sure you have the correct Company open inside W2 Mate

1. Click "W3 Form" from shortcuts

2. Click "Print W3"

3. Select the type of W3 form

Note: To print on blank paper select "Print a complete Laser substitute for Form W3 (SSA approved)" (requires W2 Mate Optional Feature Code #1 to be purchased and enabled inside W2 Mate)

To print data on a Pre-Printed SSA W3 form use the "Print data only on pre-printed Red-ink Laser W3 form"

4. Adjust Box 12A or Box 15 if needed

5. Click "OK"

6. Select printer

7. Click "OK"

Print Form W3 in W2 Mate®

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