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How to Recover W2 Mate Data

W2 Mate® utilizes a backup and restore function, which is recommended to recover database files. Restores the whole database in seconds proving this to be an easy and powerful function inside W2 Mate® software. We provide instructions to recover W2 Mate® data from both a backup file (recommended) or from database files. Do you need to recover/restore W2, 1099, and/or 1098 data? See the following tutorial for assistance.

Step by Step Instructions

There are two main cases covered by this tutorial:

1. Case # 1: You have W2 Mate backup files (.WMB files) for your company(s).

2. Case # 2: You do not have W2 Mate backup files, but you have the database file (.PMT files) from the hard drive where W2 Mate was installed.

**Case # 1:

1. Open W2 Mate software

2. For each company you would like to recover click Tools > Restore Company. In the dialog that comes up select the W2 Mate backup file (.WMB file) you would like to recover. Please make sure to recover ONLY valid W2 Mate backup files, do not try to recover other types of files.

3. Once you are done restoring all your backup files you can open your companies one by one and make sure all the data is what you expect it to be. You can open a company by selecting Company > Open from the top menu inside W2 Mate.

**Case # 2

1. Locate the W2 Mate database files. These files have the extension (.PMT). You may need to search your old computer or external drive for the location of these files.

2. Once you locate the W2 Mate database files (.PMT files), copy these files to a new location which you can easily access such as the desktop or a flash drive.

3. Open W2 Mate software

4. From inside W2 Mate software click on the following menu item: Help > Technical Support > Go to W2 Mate Database Folder

5. Once you click on the menu above, your computer will open the current folder where the (.PMT) Company data is stored

6. Paste the .PMT files (W2 Mate database files) found in step 2 to this W2 Mate Database Folder

7. Go back to W2 Mate program and click on the menu item: Company > Open. You should see the company (.PMT) files that you have just copied and pasted listed in this window, go ahead and select the company you would like to use.

Note: It is highly recommended that you restart (close and re-open) your W2 Mate software after restoring companies

Recover W2 Mate Data in W2 Mate®

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