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How to Send Batch Emails Using 1099 Emailer

W2 Mate® software offers users a batch emailer feature. W2 Mate® generates secure PDF W2's (Employee Copies in PDF Format) and secure PDF 1099’s/1098’s (Recipient Copies in PDF format). The resulting password protected PDF files will be automatically emailed to consenting employees and/or recipients in place of paper copies. Electronically deliver large batches of W-2 and 1099/1098 forms in minutes saving you precious time and money. Follow the instructions in this tutorial for assistance using the batch emailer feature.

Step by Step Instructions

Note: In order to use this feature you must purchase and enable W2 Mate Option #6 to create the recipient PDF’s as well as the 1099 Emailer option for the same year of W2 Mate

Make sure you have the correct Company open inside W2 Mate

**1099/1098 Forms

1. Click "1099 & 1098 Forms" from the Shortcuts

2. Click "Create PDF 1099’s"

**W2 Forms

1. Click "W2 Forms" from the Shortcuts

2. Click "Create PDF W2’s"

Note: The following steps are the same for either 1099’s or W2’s. Select the correct form where needed.

3. Click "Browse" to select Output location

4. Set a password on these PDF’s if desired

5. Choose all the recipients/employees that you want to create PDF’s for

6. Check 1099 Emailer options Box

7. Click "Create PDF W2’s (or 1099’s)"

8. Click "OK"

Note:1099 Emailer will automatically launch

9. Click "Batch Send Emails"

Note: If this is your first time using the 1099 Emailer, a box that will appear to set up the emailer settings. Complete all fields.

10. Click "OK"

11. Select the recipients

12. Click "OK"

13. Click "Batch Send emails"

14. Click "OK"

Send Batch Emails Using 1099 Emailer inside W2 Mate®

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