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How to Track Filing Status Using W2 Mate

W2 Mate® allows users to track the e-filing status for each company inside the software. The e-filing tracking feature gives the user the ability to track each company and each type of form that has been uploaded to the IRS and/or SSA. The user can edit/update the fields for tracking status as needed. This tutorial shows the steps to track a company’s e-filing status inside W2 Mate®.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Click "E-Filing" from the top menu bar

2. Select "Track Filing Status"

3. Select the correct Company from the drop down menu

4. Update Company Filing Status from drop down menu

5. Update each form type status as needed from drop down menu

6. Click "Save Changes"

Note: If needed you can export the data to a spreadsheet by clicking Export and selecting a location to save the file

7. Click "Close"

Track Filing Status inside W2 Mate®

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