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How to Update Company Name

W2 Mate® comes with a Sample Company already created inside the software but users have the ability to add an unlimited number of companies. If you overrode the sample company file that comes with W2 Mate® or you need to make a change to a company name that you added, it is not hard to do. The steps in the tutorial will walk you through updating the company name inside W2 Mate® software.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Click "Company" from the top menu bar

2. Select "Open"

3. Select the correct company to rename

One of the companies will be "Sample Company XXXX" (where XXXX represents the year such as 2017). If you find more than one file named “Sample Company XXXX” then in this case you will need to open each to see which one you saved your company/employee data under.

4. Click "OK"

5. Type the new company name

6. Click "Update"

7. Click "Yes"

8. Click "OK"

9. Close out of W2 Mate software by clicking the X in the top right corner

Reopen W2 Mate software

10. Now W2 Mate will open your company file with the correct name and will show the correct name in the top title bar

Update a Company Name inside W2 Mate®

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