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How to Use the 1099 Prior Year E-filing Utility

W2 Mate® has the ability for users to create an accepted 1099 form electronic submission file for a prior tax year. The IRS accepts the current tax year submission file. In order to submit a prior year the file must be marked identifying the tax year for which the file is associated. The 1099 prior year e-filing utility is used to mark a 1099 E-File submission for a previous year. This tutorial will show you how to use the 1099 prior year e-filing utility.

Step by Step Instructions

The 1099 utility is used to mark a 1099 E-File submission for a previous year.

1. Contact Real Business Solutions and request the 1099 Prior-Year E-filing Utility URL. Contact by telephone at 800-507-1992 or by email at

When you receive the URL link, open the link using a web browser (Google, Fire Fox, etc.) and follow the steps below to download.

2. Click "Download NOW"

3. Click "Save"

4. Click "Open folder"

5. Select the "Mark-1099-Efile-Previous-Year.exe" file

6. Click "Run"

7. Click "Select Input File Name"

Note: This is the file that was already created in W2 Mate

8. Select e-file to mark for previous year

9. Click "Open"

10. Select tax year of file you are submitting

11. Select Output File Name

12. Select location to save new file you will be uploading to IRS

13. Click "Save"

14. Click "Create New File"

Note: You will not get any message the file was created. Please go to the output file location you selected in step 11 and make sure the new file is there prior to closing out of the utility.

15. Open this new file in Notepad to view. Confirm the letter P is in position 6 of the Transmitter T record.

You will need to log in to the IRS FIRE Website (, where you will upload this new file you have created to submit the prior year correction.

Use the 1099 Prior Year E-filing Utility inside W2 Mate®

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