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Payroll Mate is complete stand-alone payroll software that offers the ability to export payroll checks to QuickBooks as journal entries. Anything related to processing payroll such as printing checks, generating payroll reports, printing tax forms has to be done from inside Payroll Mate.

For more details about Payroll Mate visit this page .

The most common mistake is entering wrong account names when you assign QuickBooks account names for payroll items inside Payroll Mate. Remember not to use the account number, only use the account name. For example if a QuickBooks account is [10100 – Checking] then ONLY enter [Checking] (without the square brackets) inside Payroll Mate. Remember that the easiest way to enter account names is through copy and paste from the QuickBooks Account Listing report (Reports > List > Account Listing).

Please refer to the video tutorial below for step-by-step instructions on how to export payroll data from Payroll Mate to QuickBooks.

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