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Welcome to Real Business Solutions, makers of Payroll Mate® (small business payroll software), W2 Mate® (W2 1099 printing and electronic filing software) and 1095 Mate® (1095-C / 1094-C ACA software). Our software programs are desktop-based / on-premises (not online) and are designed for the Windows operating system only. We also offer W2 1099 tax forms, pre-printed payroll checks, blank check stock, envelopes and other business supplies. Providing outstanding software for two decades.

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Prepare, Import, File and Print W2 Forms and 1099 Forms. W2 Mate® software is one of the most complete and trusted W2 / 1099 filing applications on the market. Learn more.

  • W2 Mate 2023 - $89.
  • Buy Now and Receive Instantly!
  • Eliminates Need to buy W2 Forms (Optional feature).
  • Option to Import from QuickBooks & Tax Software.
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Payroll software for businesses, accountants and payroll service providers to manage payroll and prepare payroll taxes and forms. Learn more.

  • Payroll Mate 2024 - $219.
  • Prepare Payroll & Print Checks.
  • Automatically calculates State Withholding for all 50 states.
  • Process tax forms including W-2, W-3, 941 and 940.
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1095 Software

Complete IRS forms 1094-C / 1095-C printing and electronic filing software for U.S. employers and tax professionals required to comply with the shared responsibility provisions of the Affordable Care Act (IRC 6056). Learn more.

  • 1095 Mate. Paper Filing $290. Paper + Electronic $590.
  • Unlimited employees, companies, forms and transmittals.
  • Eliminates need to buy pre-printed 1095 forms.
  • Powerful data import from CSV / Excel Spreadsheet.
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1099 Electronic Filing

1099 electronic filing is an add-on feature you can order on top of the W2 Mate software that allows filers to create ASCII text files of form 1099 that can be submitted electronically to the IRS using the FIRE system.

  • Supports Publication 1220. Learn more
  • Easy to use interface for 1099 Bulk TIN Matching.
  • No per client, per form or per company fees. No limitations.
  • Desktop- based and not hosted in the cloud.
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Detailed Product Description

W2 1099 software for filing tax forms W2, 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-R, W-3, 1096, 1099-S, 1098-T, 1098, 1099-A, 1099-B, 1099-C, 1099-K, 1099-PATR and 1099-OID Learn more.

  • Prints on Blank Paper & Preprinted Tax Forms
  • Prints W2 Forms on regular white paper
  • Option to import W2 and 1099 Data from CSV file
  • Option to directly import data from QuickBooks
  • Option to import 1099 Data from Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Peachtree and Sage DacEasy
  • Exports all W2 and 1099 fields to Excel
  • Option to import W-2 data from W-2 Electronic Filing Format (EFW2 Format) and 1099 data from 1099 Electronic Filing Format (Publication 1220 Format)
  • Network-ready
  • 1099 Efile & W2 Efile (Electronic Filing) Option
  • Order & receive instantly
  • Trusted by thousands every year
  • If you would like to file W-2C statements (W2 corrections) then please consider our other software W2Correction Mate, which is specially designed for W-2C and W-3C forms.
  • Meets IRS and SSA regulations
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Why use our W2 Mate Software?

Our W2 Forms and 1099 Forms Printing & Efile software is very easy, powerful and , of course, very affordable. W2 Mate fits the needs of most users regardless of their W2 and 1099 Forms preparation needs. So if you are a small business preparing W2 Forms for your employees in house, you are a mid-size business preparing 1099 Forms for your contractors or printing W2 Forms from your legacy accounting software or if your are an accountant preparing W2/1099 forms and transmittals for your clients, then W2 Mate is definitely for you.

W2 1099 Software Details.

W2 Mate as a 1099 Software: 1099 Software for businesses, accountants, CPAs, professional tax preparers and 1099 reporting service providers to print 1099 forms , print w2 forms, E-File 1099 and Efile W2 Forms. W2 Mate IRS form 1099 software is compatible with Microsoft Windows including 10 and 8. W2 Mate W2 1099 Software can be downloaded for a free trial. So please try our powerful  1099 software and purchase ONLY after you've seen for yourself how easy reporting 1099 forms and efiling 1099s can be with W2 Mate. You will be ready to print /E-File 1099 and w-2 forms immediately with this comprehensive 1099 tax software. So stop printing 1099 forms using a typewriter or replace your expensive 1099 reporting solution with our affordable IRS 1099 software ! Turn hours of 1099 processing into minutes with this state-of-the-art W2 1099 software package! Wondering who uses W2 Mate? This 1099 preparation software is used by thousands of customers who print and efile thousands of W2 & 1099 forms. Our form 1099 software is currently used by accounting firms, banks, government , schools, churches, hotel chains, small business and many more. W2 Mate is available in versions that print and efile 2023 1099 forms (1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-R, 1099-S, 1099-A, 1099-B, 1099-C, 1099-PATR, 1099-OID, 1099-K, 1098-T & 1098), 2023 1099 forms and 2022 1099 forms. W2 Mate has some of the best 1099 software reviews in the industry and comes with comprehensive step-by-step tutorials.

Download a FREE DEMO of our 1099 preparation software today: FREE 1099 Software Demo.

Dedicated page for each type of W2, 1099 and 1098 Tax Form

Payroll made easy! Payroll Software you can afford! Learn more about our Payroll Software Program 

  • Payroll Tax calculations for Federal Income Tax, Social Security, Medicare and all 50 states.
  • Supports hourly payroll, salary, overtime, double-time, commission, bonus and user-defined payroll income types.
  • Supports both user-defined and built-in payroll deductions.
  • Automatically generates payroll tax forms 941, 944, 940, 943, W-2 and W-3.
  • Prints payroll checks and check stubs.
  • Payroll Software Direct Deposit option (creates ACH files).
  • Pay non-employees (1099 Contractors) and print 1099 forms. Vendor and 1099 Center Details.
  • Option to print MICR checks (print on blank check stock)
  • Payroll Software for accountants, payroll service bureau and small businesses.
  • Exports payroll checks to Quicken.
  • Exports payroll data to QuickBooks.
  • Auto calculates FUTA, SUTA and SDI.
  • Sage 50 import and export capabilities.
  • Payroll Mate is not hosted or online payroll software.
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Your 2024 Payroll Software

Try our payroll software free! Click here to download.

Finally, a payroll program that is easy, powerful and most importantly affordable. Payroll Mate is a complete software for payroll, that fits the needs of most users regardless of their payroll needs. So, if you are an accountant preparing payroll for your clients, you are a small business doing your payroll in house, or you are payroll service provider, Payroll Mate will do the job for you. Payroll Mate greatly reduces the time to prepare payroll, create forms and print checks: This payroll software automatically calculates net pay, federal withholding tax, Social Security tax, Medicare, state and local payroll taxes. Payroll Mate also supports different types of payroll pay periods, prints checks, prepares payroll forms 941, 944, 940, W2 and W3. Our payroll program also supports user-defined Income, Tax, and Deduction categories making it very flexible and powerful. Our payroll software is desktop based and runs under windows 10, 8 and server.

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