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W2 Mate (W2 Software - Free Demo)

W2 Software to prepare, create and print W2 forms

Download a free trial to evaluate our nationally recognized W2 software absolutely free! Once you are ready to buy our W2 software, we will send you a new download that will remove the "DEMO" word from any printed W2 / 1099 forms. Any W2 data or information you enter into the free W2 software will carry over to the full product in case you decide to buy or W2 tax software. Free demo available for 2021, 2020, 2019 and before.

Free W2 Software Demo & W-2 Free Software Download

W2 Mate is a powerful W2 / 1099 software that supports a number of forms other than 1099-MISC and W2. To read about the full capabilities of W2 Mate click here .

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Step By Step Instructions for Download FREE W2 Software

FREE W-2 Software Download Step 1:

Click on the Download Now Button

FREE W2 Software Download

FREE W-2 Software Download Step 2:

Save the FREE W-2 Software Setup to your local machine.

FREE W2 Software, Step 1

W2 Software FREE Download of W2 1099 Software ,

FREE W-2 Software Download Step 3:

Run the setup and follow the installation wizard.

FREE W-2 Software Download Step 4:

When the setup is complete run the 2019 W-2 Software by clicking the icon on the desktop.

W2 Mate W2 Software Highlights

- Eliminates the need for buying Forms W2 Copy A and W3
- Eliminates need to print and mail recipient copies of 1099-MISC form or employee copies of W2 form.
- Supports an unlimited number of W2 Filers and unlimited number of employees and 1099 recipients
- Prints W2 Form Copies & 1099 Copies on blank paper
- Automatically generates 1096 and W3 Forms
- Complies with the (Specifications for Filing Forms 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-R) Electronically
- Complies with SSA Specifications for Filing Forms W-2 Electronically (EFW2).
- Prints on pre-printed W-2 forms & 1099 Forms
- Supports W2 Electronic Filing (W2 E-File) through IRS FIRE
- Supports W-2 Electronic Filing (E-Filing) through SSA Business Services Online
- Imports data for 1099 and W2 forms from CSV files
- Imports data directly from QuickBooks, which removes the "800 Form" / "$10 Million payroll" maximum
- Exports W2 and 1099 data (employer, employee, payer and 1099 recipient information) to Excel format

Our W2 free software demo is only one click away. Click here to download .

We have customers how downloaded our free W2 software evaluation from the following states: Alabama (AL) , Alaska (AK) , Arizona (AZ) , Arkansas (AR) , California (CA) , Colorado (CO) , Connecticut (CT) , Delaware (DE) , District of Columbia (DC) , Florida (FL) , Georgia (GA) , Hawaii (HI) , Idaho (ID) , Illinois (IL) , Indiana (IN) , Iowa (IA) , Kansas (KS) , Kentucky (KY) , Louisiana (LA) , Maine (ME) , Maryland (MD) , Massachusetts (MA) , Michigan (MI) , Minnesota (MN) , Mississippi (MS) , Missouri (MO) , Montana (MT) , Nebraska (NE) , Nevada (NV) , New Hampshire (NH) , New Jersey (NJ) , New Mexico (NM) , New York (NY) , North Carolina (NC) , North Dakota (ND) , Ohio (OH) , Oklahoma (OK) , Oregon (OR) , Pennsylvania (PA) , Rhode Island (RI) , South Carolina (SC) , South Dakota (SD) , Tennessee (TN) , Texas (TX) , Utah (UT) , Vermont (VT) , Virginia (VA) , Washington (WA) , West Virginia (WV) , Wisconsin (WI) and Wyoming (WY) .