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1099 Software for CPA Firms, Corporate Controllers, Accounting Practices, Enrolled Agents and CFOs

This page focuses on our 1099 software features designed for CPA firms, accounting practices, corporation controllers, enrolled agents, CFOs, professional tax preparer and bookkeepers . Explore features like tax ID validation (TIN verification), 1099 corrections (paper and e-File with 1096), blank paper printing, 1099 e-statement generation (PDF and Email), truncating SSNs / EINs (protection from identity theft), data import from QuickBooks (desktop / online), data import from Excel, 1099 electronic reporting to the IRS (FIRE system) and state (direct or combined), deployment to the firm’s private cloud, ability to generate 1099 worksheets for clients, data retention, and backup / restore capabilities.

Important Note: Effective January 1st, 2024, the e-file threshold for W2 / 1099 / 1095 forms will be lowered from 250 to 10 information returns. The new rules apply to tax year 2023 Forms because they are required to be filed by January 31, 2024. To learn how to apply for an IRS FIRE TCC code, click here .

Top 1099 Processing Features

Our easy-to-use 1099 accounting software has been trusted by tax professionals nationwide for more than 20 years. Here are just a few reasons why accountants rely on our software every year during tax season to process 1099 returns for their clients and their own organizations.

Unlimited forms, payers and recipients. This is one of the most loved features by our customers, since accounting firms have to handle a large volume of 1099 returns.

Very affordable.

Super easy to setup and use. Our system simplifies the 1099 reporting compliance process without compromising on effectiveness. The system is user-friendly and pretty easy to navigate.

Ability to print recipient copies on regular white paper and ability to create ready-to-email digital forms (E-Statements). These two features save both time and money. Printing statements on regular paper eliminates the need to align data and purchase tax forms. 1099 e-Statement get delivered faster, do not need postage, can't be stolen from the recipient’s mailbox, and are environmentally friendly.

Tax ID Validation (TIN Matching). This feature allows users to validate payee information with the IRS database, which eliminates inaccuracies at reporting time.

1099 corrections on paper and through e-File. With our software you can print corrected 1099 copies for contractors / payees and the IRS. You can also print the associated corrected 1096 forms (including the ability to include phrases at the bottom of the form). Corrected 1099 e-File submissions are also supported including incorrect payment amounts, incorrect distribution codes, incorrected recipient name, incorrect tax ID (SSN or TIN) and more.

Ability to truncate Taxpayer Identification Numbers (like SSN and EIN). This feature helps reduce the risk of identity theft and is now a requirement for many clients.

Ability to track filing status. Very few 1099 software products offer this essential feature. For each company and each return the user can specify the status such as “prepared”, “reviewed”, “filed – electronic”, “filed- paper”, “corrections filed”, and so on.

Incredible free customer service and support.

Easy to implement and manage. It’s not just tax accountants who love our software. IT staff appreciate how easy our system is to install, maintain and update.

Can be installed on a Single/Stand-Alone Computer, on a network, in a terminal server ("Virtualization Environment") or on a private cloud.

Pro forma / 1099 worksheet. This feature is also specific to accounting firms. You can send this sheet to a client to provide your firm with the information needed to prepare 1099s. If you used our software the year before, then the sheet will include the name, address and tax ID for all recipients / contractors with a space to enter amounts for the current year.

Data rollover from year to year. The data rollover process is a simple way to start your clients’ 1099 return for the current year using the relevant data stored in our software from last year.

1099 data Import from Intuit QuickBooks and Sage 50 (Peachtree Accountants Edition). In a typical accounting firm, the vast majority of clients’ files are in QuickBooks and Sage. While both products support 1099 filing, there are so many scenarios where our accountant customers need to import the data from these two systems and then file the 1099 returns. Some of our customers want to print 1099s on white paper, or combine data from multiple files into one, or e-File with a state that does not participate in the combined fed / state program, or print 1099 forms other than Miscellaneous such as Interest Income, or e-File corrections, or e-mail 1099s and so many other reasons.

1099 data Import from spreadsheets and accounting / ERP software. In addition to importing data from QuickBooks and Sage, our clients utilize the Excel import capability to transfer 1099 data from many other sources such as financial, accounting, property management, ERP, accounts payable, agricultural and non-profit software.

1099 E-File with the IRS and state. With our software, accountants can e-file unlimited 1099 returns with the IRS FIRE System and the state. Since users generate the e-File submission and upload directly to taxing agencies, the data stays secure and does not go through any third-party websites. While many states participate in a program where the IRS forwards the data to the state DOR, there are many states that require direct upload to them. Some of these states include Iowa, Oregon, Massachusetts, Connecticut, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Delaware.

Batch update utilities. You can use the batch update utilities to efficiently populate, update, delete and re-map 1099 boxes and forms.

Powerful backup / restore capabilities. Users can backup data for a single company or all companies at once. The database backup format is also backwards compatible (for example you can backup data from the 2016 version of the software and restore in 2018).

Support for different types of returns and 1099 clients. Examples include : miscellaneous income, rental income, interest, retirement, real estate, dividends, student tuition, merchant card, broker / barter, cooperatives, mortgage interest, acquisition of secured property and cancellation of debt.

1099 software features designed for accountants

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