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New Jersey 1095-C Health Coverage Filing Using 1095 Mate® Software

New Jersey in-state and out-of-state employers required to comply with the "NJ Health Insurance Market Preservation Act", can utilize our 1095 Mate software to create the required health insurance coverage returns (1095-C forms in XML format) and then use MFT Secure Transport service to upload their submission.

1095 Mate also prints the 1095-C forms that need to be furnished to employees as proof of employer-provided health insurance.

New Jersey 1095 filing

What do I need to get started with NJ ACA 1095 Reporting?

  • You will need am account with NJ MFT Secure Transport service. If you already submit W2 forms to NJ at year-end (typically in the EFW2 format) then you will already have an account, if you don’t you need to contact the state and get one (https://www.state.nj.us/treasury/assets/contact/egov/contact-egov.shtml).
  • You will need the 1095 Mate software. You can download a demo of the product and learn more about its features by going to this link: https://www.realtaxtools.com/aca-1095-1094-software/ .
  • You will need to collect the 1095-C information needed for each employee. You can either import, or enter this information manually inside 1095 Mate. Some of the information you need include:
    • Employee first and last name.
    • Employee social security number (SSN).
    • Employee address, city, state and zip code.
    • Employee offer of coverage code for each month or whole year. Possible codes are 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F, 1G, 1H, 1J, 1K.
    • Employee required contribution amount in dollars and cents (for each month or the whole year).
    • Names and socials for everybody covered under the plan for this employee.

What is the due date to file 1095-C forms with NJ?

The due date is end of March. So, if you are filing 2019 1095-C forms, then the due date is March, 31, 2020.

Can I file on paper?

Unlike the IRS, NJ only accepts electronic 1095-C submissions in the XML format.

Can I upload a test file before uploading the actual data to NJ MFT Secure Transport system?

Yes, you can. Please contact the state and they will arrange for that.

Very Important: Please make sure to validate the data from inside 1095 Mate before you upload to the state. This will save you a lot of headache. There is a menu item called "Validate Electronic File", it's under the "Help" tab.

Which version of 1095 Mate, do I need to file with NJ?

You will need 1095 Mate Enterprise Edition. You can’t use the Professional Edition since it does not support electronic filing.

I use QuickBooks, can I import my 1095-C data and then upload to NJ?

QuickBooks does not have all the information you need, but you can export the Employee Contact List report (both in QB desktop and online). This will give you the employee name, social and address fields. You can also use service-hour reports to help you in determining the coverage information for each employee.

Does NJ have any requirements for the name of the file?

Yes, the file name needs to start with "NJHIM".

Does NJ require an ACA TCC code to file 1095-C forms?

No, you do not need an ACA Transmitter Control Code to e-File with New Jersey. You only need it if you want to file with the IRS through the AIR system.

How safe is my data?

As far as 1095 Mate is concerned, the data gets save locally on your own computer or server, so we do not have any access to your data. As far the New Jersey is concerned, DORES MFT SecureTransport service is designed so filers can provide confidential or sensitive data to the state.

Do you have a summary of steps for filing 1095-C forms with NJ?

  • Step # 1: Collect the 1095-C information needed for each employee. You can go to IRS.GOV website and search for "1095-C Instructions", this will give you the list of codes used for coverage information.
  • Step # 2: Download and install the 1095 Mate software.
  • Step # 3: Import or type the 1095-C data inside 1095 Mate.
  • Step # 4: Select "Tools > Electronic Filing" from the top menu inside 1095 Mate and create the submission.
  • Step # 5: Validate the files created by 1095 Mate by selecting "Help > Validate Electronic File". Make sure to fix any issues before you proceed to the next step.
  • Step # 6: Use your Windows Explorer to right-click on the file (created by 1095 Mate) and selecting Rename. Now you need to change the file name to start with "NJHIM".
  • Step # 7: Log into NJ MFT Secure Transport service and upload the file.

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