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  • Straightforward Pricing: $129 for paper W2c filing and $239 for both paper and electronic filing (please see detailed pricing table below). Please contact the SSA or IRS to find out if you are required to e-file your W2C / W3C forms or you are eligible to file on paper.
  • Meets IRS and Social Security requirements for filing W2C form corrections.
  • Supports all boxes and codes on forms W-2C / W-3C (better compliance).
  • Eliminates the need to buy pre-printed W2C or W3C forms (saves money).
  • Calculates totals for form W-3C (saves time and enhances accuracy).
  • Supports data validation (crucial to ensure accuracy and compliance).
  • Creates secure PDF W-2C forms (save on paper, envelopes and postage).
  • By utilizing our W2C software you can enter and produce the W-2C and W-3C forms in minimal time (intuitive and straightforward user interface).
  • Powerful import from CSV and EFW2 (faster processing and fewer mistakes).
  • Prints W2-C for SSA, W-3C and Employee copies on regular white paper.
  • Exports W-2C to a spreadsheet (review amounts in Excel and analyze data).
  • Virtually unlimited employees and companies (no per form fees).
  • E-Files W-2C and W-3C Forms (electronic filing through SSA BSO website).
  • Desktop-based, install on your own device (safer in terms of data privacy, offline access, better performance and efficiency).
  • You own the software license and you own the data (your data is not hosted somewhere in the cloud).
  • Gives you the ability to backup and restore your data (reduces the risk of losing critical information and helps with data retention requirements). Please note that the software does not automatically create the backup, and it needs to be initiated by the user.
W2Correction Mate Software


W2Correction Mate is SSA-approved W2C software solution designed to simplify the process of filing corrected wage and tax statements (W-2C) and transmittal forms (W-3C) for accounting firms and businesses of all sizes. The W2 correction software supports both paper submissions of W2C and electronic uploads in the SSA EFW2C Publication 42-014 text format (W-2C E-File). W2Correction Mate is brought to you by the makers of W2 Mate®, the powerful W2 / 1099 filing software trusted by thousands of tax professionals nationwide for more than 2 decades. W2Correction Mate is desktop-based and designed to run on Windows operating system only.



W2Correction Mate® Straightforward Pricing

Price $129 $239
Virtually unlimited employees and companies (no per form fees).
W-2C and company data can be keyed into screens that resemble the official IRS forms to simplify data entry.
Supports all boxes and codes on forms W-2C / W-3C for both previously reported and correct information.
Supports different scenarios where an employer needs to issue a corrected W-2 form such as incorrectly reported earnings or missing information. Please remember that the earlier you fix errors on your W-2 forms, the less likely it is you’ll be penalized by the SSA / IRS.
Eliminates the need to buy W-2C / W-3C forms or the need to order these forms from the IRS and wait for them to arrive in the mail. Please remember that incorrect W-2s are corrected by filing Forms W-2c/W-3c with the Social Security Administration. Employees must also receive copies of Form W-2c.
Calculates totals for form W-3C (Transmittal of Corrected Wage and Tax Statements). When filing on paper, your W-2C forms must be accompanied by the transmittal, Form W-3c.
W-2C / W-3C electronic filing: the software generates W-2 correction e-files in the EFW2C text format for upload to the SSA Business Services Online. Just like W2s, before you can file W-2Cs electronically you are required to obtain a User ID from the Social Security Administration (you will already have this PIN if you e-filed W2s with the SSA before using W2 Mate or Payroll Mate). Please remember, if you are required to file your W-2s electronically, you must file your W-2c forms electronically, too.
Export W-2C forms for employees in PDF format with password protection. Using PDF files for employee forms offers several advantages over traditional paper forms including cost savings, faster access, enhanced security and environmental benefits. Remember that employees must receive their W-2c forms as soon as possible; forms may be mailed, hand-delivered or e-delivered. The PDF feature can be used if you want to e-deliver or e-mail your W-2c forms.
Data import from a spreadsheet or SSA EFW2 text format. Imported data can be used to pre-fill the "Previously Reported" columns on the W-2C form or the “Correct information” columns.
Backup and restore capabilities (protect against data loss due to hardware failures, accidental deletions, or cyberattacks).
Exports W-2C and employee data to a spreadsheet for review inside Excel (helps with quality control and data sharing).
Print the following copies on regular white paper: Copy A—For Social Security Administration; Copy 1—For State, City, or Local Tax Department; Copy B—To Be Filed With Employee’s FEDERAL Tax Return; Copy C—For EMPLOYEE’S RECORDS; Copy 2—To Be Filed With Employee’s State, City, or Local Income Tax Return; Copy D—For Employer; W-3C (Transmittal of Corrected Wage and Tax Statements).
Data validation and batch updates.
Try the free trial with no obligation or even an email address required. Download our W2C Software, install and evaluate the capabilities of filling out and printing your forms. If you like it, buy it, otherwise uninstall and move on.

Possible Scenarios For Correcting W2 Forms Using W2Correction Mate®
(Typical W-2 Mistakes and W-2c Correction Tips)

Please note that the information on our site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be legal or tax advice.

Scenario 1: Incorrect Employee Information Errors can occur in employee names and Social Security numbers (SSNs) on the original W-2. The two most common W-2 errors are employee name / SSN mismatches and mistakes in boxes requiring monetary entries (money fields). File a W-2c to reflect the correct information. Even seemingly minor mistakes, like typos in names, can cause issues for employees filing their taxes.
Scenario 2: Mistakes in Wage or Withholding Amounts This could involve reporting incorrect gross wages, taxable wages, or federal income tax withheld. File a W-2c to show the accurate figures. Miscalculations in wages or withholdings can significantly impact employee tax returns and potential refunds.
Scenario 3: Box 12 Codes Errors The error could be in the code used on Box 12 or the code is correct but the amount is not. File a W-2c with the appropriate Box 12 code / amount for each affected employee.
Scenario 4: Forgotten or Late Reported Income If income was unintentionally omitted from the original W-2, it needs to be reported later. File a W-2c to reflect the additional income and any associated withholdings. This might occur if a bonus payment was accidentally left off the original W-2.
Scenario 5: Incorrect employer EIN. Sometimes employers issue W-2/ W-3 forms with an EIN (Employer Identification Number) that does not match the EIN reported on the 941/941-X forms. If the EIN used was incorrect, file W-2c forms for each affected employee.
Scenario 6: Fringe Benefit Misreporting The value of certain fringe benefits, like employer-provided health insurance or parking, needs to be accurately reported on W-2s. File a W-2c if the value of fringe benefits was incorrectly reported on the original W-2.
Scenario 7: State Withholding Errors Some states have their own income tax withholding requirements. Mistakes can occur in reporting state income tax withheld. Check with your state to see how they want the state income tax / withholding to be corrected. Contact the SSA to verify if you need to file a W-2C with them.
Scenario 8: Incorrect Tip Reporting If employees receive tips that are subject to income tax and Social Security/Medicare taxes, they need to be reported accurately on W-2s. File a W-2c if there were errors in reporting employee tips or associated withholdings.
Scenario 9: Employee Name Change Due to Marriage or Legal Action If an employee's name legally changes after the W-2 is filed, a W-2c might be necessary. Some states require filing a W-2c to reflect the employee's new legal name. Check your state's specific regulations. It's generally recommended to file a W-2c to ensure accurate reporting for both the employee and Social Security Administration (SSA) records.

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