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Payroll Mate® Payroll Software Tutorials

This section of our website includes simple and easy-to-follow tutorials on how to use our Payroll Mate® payroll software. Payroll Mate is comprehensive payroll system for small businesses, accountants, CPA firms, restaurants, non-profits, agricultural businesses, churches and payroll service providers.

Tutorial Name Tutorial Description Tutorial Link
How to Create a New Payroll Check Create a new payroll check, fill in pay period, pay date, income / deduction rates, sick vacation info and more. How to Create a New Payroll Check
How to Delete a Payroll Check Delete a paycheck completely from inside the Payroll Mate database. This operation is irreversible; you might need to create a backup first. How to Delete a Payroll Check
How to Delete Multiple Payroll Checks In certain cases you might need to delete more than one check at a time, for example delete all checks for a certain employee for one whole quarter. It's very important to create a backup before using this feature. How to Delete Multiple Payroll Checks

Doing Payroll Isn't Easy , Payroll Mate Is

Payroll Mate® is everything US businesses need to process payroll in-house using their computer machines (not somewhere in the cloud, where you don't know who has access to your data). Our payroll accounting software offers the features of high-end payroll processing applications for a fraction of the price. Payroll Mate® is ideal for small businesses, accounting firms, CPAs, farms / agribusinesses, restaurants, trucking companies, churches, non-profits and more. Works with different accounting software including QuickBooks, Peachtree (Sage 50) , Quicken, Microsoft Accounting and more.

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