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How to E-file QuickBooks 1099 Misc Forms with

West Virginia

W2 Mate software supports QuickBooks 1099-Misc West Virginia electronic filing. Use our 1099 state e-filing program to quickly import 1099 Miscellaneous recipient data from QuickBooks and generate a West Virginia electronic submission file. This tutorial shows you how to import and e-file 1099-Misc tax forms.

Import 1099 Misc Data from QuickBooks

Step by Step Instructions

Make sure you have the correct Company open inside W2 Mate.

1. Click "Import Data" from the top menu.

2. Select "From QuickBooks (W2 and/or 1099 Data)". This will open the QuickBooks Import wizard.

3. Read Message-understand you will need to have QuickBooks open and actively running.

4. Click "Next".

5. Click "Connect to QuickBooks". This will open a QuickBooks dialog asking if you want to authorize W2 Mate to access the company information in QuickBooks.

6. Click "Yes".

7. Checkmark to allow this application to access personal data.

8. Click "Continue".

9. Click "Done".

10. Click "OK".

11. Click "Next".

12. Select 1099 Data.

13. Select "Tax year" from drop down menu.

14. Select "1099-MISC" from drop down menu.

15. Click "Next".

16. Click "OK".

17. Review data to import.

18. Click "Next".

19. Click "Finish".

Note: The steps above are for importing from QuickBooks desktop. To import from QuickBooks online (QBO), please follow this tutorial. How to Import 1099 Data from QuickBooks Online

West Virginia 1099 Misc E-File Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Make sure you have the correct Company open inside W2 Mate.

1. You have imported 1099 Misc data from QuickBooks. Review the imported data inside W2 Mate.

2. Under the Company General Information tab inside W2 Mate, make sure to enter "WV" for the State field. If you have a withholding account number with the state enter it under Employer State ID field.

3. Make sure Box 17 on all 1099 forms is set to "WV". To be on the safe side, select from the top menu inside W2 Mate "Tools > Other Recipient / 1099 Tools > Update Box 17 (State, Payers State #) for multiple 1099-MISC Recipients" and select "WV" as the state abbreviation and state ID (if any) that applies in your case.

4. From the top menu inside W2 Mate select "E-Filing > 1099-MISC Forms".

5. In the 1099 E-File dialog use "11111" (no quotes) for the TCC code since you are filing with the state.

6. In the 1099 E-File dialog make sure to UN-check the box "Include Combined Federal / State Filing Program Information".

7. In the 1099 E-File dialog, double check the name of the output 1099 E-File. You can change the default name / location if you need to. Make sure the file name ends with .txt

8. Once all the data in the 1099 E-File dialog is populated, click the OK button. W2 Mate will create the file and show a success message.

9. Contact the state to see if you need to send the file on Magnetic Media or upload online to their website. You may call a Taxpayer Service Representative on business days at: 1-800-WVA-TAXS (1-800-982-8297).

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