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SalesTax Mate 2.0

Illinois Sales Tax Preparation Software.

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SalesTax Mate has all the features you need to prepare your Illinois sales tax returns fast without making any calculation mistakes:

  • Support for the following Illinois sales tax forms:
    • ST1 : Sales and Use Tax Return.
    • ST2 : Multiple Site Form.
    • ST4 : Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority Food and Beverage Tax Return.
    • ST8 : Tire User Fee.
    • ST14 : Chicago Soft Drink Tax Return.
  • Support for multi-location returns :SalesTax Mate takes the complexity out of creating returns for clients with multiple locations operating under the same Illinois Business Tax number. Just set a client as a "Multiple Site" and our powerful sales tax software will take it from there.
  • Save returns in either Microsoft Word or PDF format.
  • E-mail sales tax returns.
  • Return history for each company (with ability to preview, print, e-mail and export archived returns).
  • Client instructions letter.
  • Automatic update over the Internet.
  • Network compatible.
  • Includes Illinois Sales Tax tables:
    • The proper sales tax rates are automatically used based on the "Location Code".
    • Access to all the sales tax rates through a user-friendly interface.
  • Support for any type of laser printer.
  • Support for all types of liability period:
    • Monthly.
    • Quarterly.
    • Annual .
  • Windows based: more effective and efficient than DOS-based applications.
  • Download the best Illinois Sales Tax Software

  • Increased productivity: a step by step, easy to follow wizard guides the user through the different tasks to be accomplished. The average time to setup a new client is less than 2 minutes. The average user can prepare a sales tax return in less than three minutes.
  • Balloon Help: this feature provides on-screen descriptions of items and fields in balloons shaped like cartoon speech balloons. In this way, the user gets context-sensitive, task-oriented information exactly when he needs it. No need to dig in the complex sales tax manuals to get more information about any field, just click the question mark next to that field and get an easy description.
  • All forms generated by our sales tax software are approved by Illinois Department of Revenue.
  • Client data backup.
  • Free technical support.
  • There are two editions of SalesTax Mate ® :

    •  SalesTax Mate® Business Edition.
    •  SalesTax Mate® Professional Edition.


    Product Comparison Chart


    Business Edition

    Professional Edition

    Maximum number of clients



    Maximum number of locations

    Three locations per client

    Network Compatible No




    Price $99 $200
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