2014 Printable 1099-MISC Form (PDF)

Create 2014 printable 1099-MISC forms in Adobe PDF format to report miscellaneous income, 1099 employee compensation and rents to the IRS during 2015 tax season. The resulting PDF files can be printed on Windows computers, Apple Macs, tablets and even smart phones that support documents in the portable document format (PDF).

What you will need is W2 Mate 2014 software along with W2 Mate 2014 Option #6 (PDF). If you do not own a copy of W2 Mate 2014 you can test drive the software by downloading a copy from the link below:

Download W2 Mate Software

1- Open W2 Mate Software by clicking the icon on the desktop.

2- Create one or more recipients by navigating to the “1099/1098 Recipients” screen.

3- Fill in the Amounts for each recipient such as non-employee compensation, rents, royalties and so on.

4- Review the information for your recipients. You can also export all 1099-MISC forms to Excel where you can review your data in a tabular format.

5- Under 1099 Forms screen, click the “Create PDF 1099s” button. Specify the folder where you want to create the PDF 1099-MISC forms and the contractors / 1099 employees you want to create the forms for.

6- Now W2 Mate will create 2014 1099-MISC forms in PDF format that are ready to be sent to the recipients.

7- Use your email client or any other electronic communication means to send the PDF forms to your recipients.

8- Once the recipient receives the form(s) they can be opened and printed using the free Adobe Reader.

9- Click here for a sample 2014 1099-MISC PDF form created using W2 Mate software.

To learn more about W2 Mate capabilities, please click here .

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