Massachusetts Form 1099-K Reporting

Massachusetts now mandates filing Forms 1099-K with the department of revenue when the gross amount paid in settlement in a calendar year is $600 or greater. Third party settlement organizations, TPSOs and other Massachusetts filers can use our 1099 software to comply with these new Mass 1099-K reporting requirements. Summary of requirements: 1.New reporting requirements … Read more

2014 Printable 1099-MISC Form (PDF)

Create 2014 printable 1099-MISC forms in Adobe PDF format to report miscellaneous income, 1099 employee compensation and rents to the IRS during 2015 tax season. The resulting PDF files can be printed on Windows computers, Apple Macs, tablets and even smart phones that support documents in the portable document format (PDF). What you will need … Read more

IRS Section 1.6041-1(e)(5) Example 5

  If you read form 1099-MISC instructions for “Box 1. Rents”, there is a paragraph that states “See Regulations section 1.6041-1(e)(5), Example 5.”. We have been getting inquiries from some of our 1099 software users who can’t locate the section referred to by this paragraph. Below is the text for Example 5 from section 1.6041–1 … Read more

Error in 2013 IRS Form 1096

  This post applies to 2013 Form 1096, 2013 Form 1099-B and W2 Mate 2013 We have been getting emails and phone calls from our customers asking about the calculation of Form 1096 Box 5 (Total amount reported with this Form 1096) when used to report 1099-B (Barter) forms. Unfortunately there is an error in … Read more

2013 Payroll W2 and 1099 Forms and Software Products Catalog

  Our 2013 Catalog is now available on our website from the link below: 2013 Payroll, W-2 and 1099 Catalog The following sections are included: W2/1099 Software Payroll Software Payroll Software Compatible Checks W-2/1099 Kits W-2 Forms 1099-MISC Forms 1099-INT/1099-DIV/1099-R Forms 1099-S/1098-T/1098 Forms 1099-A/1099-B/1099-C Forms 1099-OID/1099-PATR/Pressure Seal Forms W-2 Envelopes and Perforated Paper 1099 Envelopes … Read more