2013 Form 1099-DIV Changes

  The IRS introduced the following changes to forms 1099-DIV in 2013: – Two new copies have been added: “Copy 1 for State Tax Department” and “Copy 2 to be filed with recipient’s state income tax return, when required.” – The size of “Recipient’s name” box has been reduced. – The size of “City or … Read more

IRS Section 1.6041-1(e)(5) Example 5

  If you read form 1099-MISC instructions for “Box 1. Rents”, there is a paragraph that states “See Regulations section 1.6041-1(e)(5), Example 5.”. We have been getting inquiries from some of our 1099 software users who can’t locate the section referred to by this paragraph. Below is the text for Example 5 from section 1.6041–1 … Read more

Error in 2013 IRS Form 1096

  This post applies to 2013 Form 1096, 2013 Form 1099-B and W2 Mate 2013 We have been getting emails and phone calls from our customers asking about the calculation of Form 1096 Box 5 (Total amount reported with this Form 1096) when used to report 1099-B (Barter) forms. Unfortunately there is an error in … Read more