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Friday, December 13th, 2013

Maryland W2 Electronic Filing and Form MW508 Faq

These are some common questions we get about e-Filing Maryland W2s using our W2 Mate software including EFW2 format and form MW508.

Does W2 Mate support Maryland W2 Electronic Filing?
Yes it does including all the special modifications of the SSA EFW2 format.

I need to e-File more than 25 Maryland W2 forms. How many forms does W2 Mate support?
W2 Mate does not impose any limitations on the number of forms you need to e-File. There is no per form or per filer fees.

Does W2 Mate follow the “Maryland Employer Reporting of W-2s Instructions and Specifications Handbook”.
Yes it does.

Does W2 Mate include a date and time stamp in positions 497-512 of the ‘RE’, ‘RS’ and ‘RV’ records?
Yes W2 Mate allows the user to enter a time stamp for all these records.

Does W2 Mate support Maryland Central Registration Number?
Yes W2 Mate adds Maryland Central Registration Number under the “RE” record in positions 222-229.

Does W2 Mate support form, MW508, Annual Employer Reconciliation Return?
Yes W2 Mate allows the user to enter the fields for form MW508 and then includes these fields under the “RV” record.

Does W2 Mate include the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) in the RS record?
Yes under positions 328-336.

Does W2 Mate auto format numeric fields properly?
Yes W2 Mate right-justifies and fill numeric fields with zeros. W2 Mate fills unused fields with zeros.

What records does W2 Mate include in the e-File?
W2 Mate includes RA-Submitter Record, RE-Employer Record, RS-State Record and RV-Total Record.

Do you offer free trial of W2 Mate?
Yes at http://www.realtaxtools.com/W2-Mate.html


Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Michigan W2 Electronic Filing for Business | Michigan Magnetic Media


Our W2 Mate software complies with the state of Michigan  W2 electronic filing requirements. You can simply use our software to generate the magnetic media and mail it to the state.

The Michigan Department of Treasury requires employers with 250 or more Michigan employees to file MI-W-2 information on cartridge or CD. Smaller employers are encouraged to use electronic filing, but may file using the state copy of the federal W-2. W-2 reports are due February 28. Late filing is subject to penalty as provided under the Revenue Act.

Whether you are filing Michigan W2s on paper or electronically you can use our software.

If you are required to file on magnetic media, you do not need to apply in advance or submit test media. You must send Form 447, Transmittal for Magnetic Media Reporting of W-2s, W-2Gs, and 1099s to the State of Michigan with your magnetic media. If Form 447 is not completed and included with your media, your media may be rejected and returned to you unprocessed.

You need to label the W2 Media you send to the state as follows:

(1) Business Name.

(2) EIN: federal employer identification number.

(3) Type of document represented: W2.

(4) Tax Year: 2011 , 2012 , 2013 and so on.

(5) Number of employees.

(6) Density, recording mode, record size and blocking factor if you file with a cartridge.

You are invited to try our W2 Mate software and see for yourself how easy W2 and 1099 electronic filing can be.


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