Illinois Electronic W-2 | IL e-File W2 for Payroll Providers & Employers | IL EFW2

Our W2 Mate W2 1099 Software creates EFW2 (W2 electronic files) that fully comply with Illinois Department of Revenue Electronic W-2 Specifications . This means that CPAs, accountants, payroll providers and employers can use W2 Mate to electronically submit W-2s with Illinois (e-file Illinois W2’s). To read more about W2 Mate, please visit the W2 Software page or download a free demo from the w2 software download page.

The Illinois Electronic W-2 transmittal program requires payroll providers and employers with 250 or more employees to transmit W-2 returns using the Social Security Administration’s EFW2 format. Payroll providers who file payroll returns and complete W-2s for employers and any employer that has 250 or more employees are required to participate in this new program. W2 Mate fully supports the Social Security Administration’s EFW2 format including Illinois specific requirements.

The due date for submitting 2009 W-2s electronically is March 31, 2010. If you have received an extension of time to file the W-2s electronically with the IRS, you may forward that information along with a letter of explanation to Illinois department of revenue for consideration. IDOR will begin accepting electronic transmissions of W-2 data on February 1, 2010. Illinois no longer accepts W-2 information submitted on magnetic media. CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, tapes, and diskettes are not acceptable forms of transmission and will not be processed.

Illinois EFW2 Format – Form W-2

EFW2 Code RA – Submitter Record : Required
EFW2 Code RE – Employer Record : Required
EFW2 Code RW – Employee Wage Record : Required
EFW2 Code RO – Employee Wage Record : Optional
EFW2 Code RS – State Record : Required
EFW2 Code RT – Total Record : Required
EFW2 Code RU – Total Record : Optional
EFW2 Code RV – State Total Record : Required
EFW2 Code RF – Final Record : Required

Steps to e-File W-2s with Illinois Department of Revenue:

  1. Obtain your Illinois ETIN (Logon ID) and test and production passwords using the Transmitter Registration. Allow 1 business day for your ETIN to become active.
  2. Download the HttpsPost Utility program and save it to your computer.
  3. Download and Install W2 Mate 2009 W2 / 1099 software.
  4. Enter or import employees and w2 information into W2 Mate software.
  5. Inside W2 Mate create W2 e-File. Click on “E-Filing > W2 Forms” from the top menu. In the dialog that comes up MAKE sure to check the boxes “Include State E-Filling information” AND “Include State Total Record (RV Record)” .
  6. Upload your file generated from W2 Mate W2 1099 software using the Illinois HttpsPost Utility program.
  7. Log into our Acknowledgement Retrieval application 30 minutes after you submit your W-2 file to see whether the file was accepted or rejected.
  8. W-2 files must be accepted no later than March 31, 2010.

Payroll providers and employers : To electronically submit your W-2s with Illinois use our W2 Mate software and see how easy and user-friendly it’s. Download free w2 software demo .