California reissues 2009 payroll withholding tables

The state of California has issued new withholding tables for 2009 (2009 PIT Withholding ), the new tables are in effect for the months of November and December 2009. The tables will change again in January 2010. Employers are advised to implement the new (November & December 2009) tables, as soon as possible.

Our Payroll Mate payroll software will be updated to include the new payroll withholding tables. The updated tables are also available onĀ  California’s Employment Development Department website, please look for:
Method B – Exact Calculation Method Nov/Dec (PDF) – with Instructions

Low Income Exemption, Estimated Deduction, Standard Deduction, Personal Exemption Credit, Annual Payroll Period, Daily / Miscellaneous Payroll Period, Quarterly Payroll Period, Semi-Annual Payroll Period, Semi-Monthly Payroll Period, Monthly Payroll Period, Weekly Payroll Period, and Biweekly Payroll Period