How to Print IRS Form 943 using Payroll Mate Software


Payroll Form 943 is used by agribusinesses, farm owners and other employers of agricultural workers for reporting the withholding of federal income taxes (FIT) and FICA taxes (Social Security / Medicare) on wages paid to agricultural workers. Form 943 is used for agricultural employees even though the employer may employ non-agricultural workers. Please consult with the IRS if you are unsure if you need to file form 943 or 941.

Our Payroll Mate software generates ready-to-sign 943 and 943 schedule A by following these simple steps:
1. Under the company Federal Tax Information setup make sure the company type is set to “Agricultural (Form 943)”.

2. Click on the “Forms” button from the left toolbar inside the software and then select “943”.

3. Payroll Mate will show a screen with all the boxes required for filing form 943 pre-populated. Make sure to preview and double check this information especially boxes (1 through 6).

4. If you would like to make any adjustments, click the “Override Calculations Button” and enter new values.

5. If you are a tax preparer (accountant, CPA) you can enter the preparer info by selecting “Edit Preparer Info” and entering your information. The info you enter in this screen will be saved by the payroll software┬áso you do not have to re-enter each time.

6. Click the “Preview” button to see how the final 943 form will look like.

7. When you are ready to print the 943 return click “Print” and select the desired printer.

9. Sign, and mail Form 943 to the IRS.

If you do not already use Payroll Mate you can download a free trial by visiting the page below:


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