Oregon Payroll Laws and Payroll Rates for 2011


Employers in Oregon are required to follow Oregon payroll laws and regulations even when using an Oregon payroll service or accountant. 

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Oregon Payroll Laws- 2011 tax rates:
Employment: New employer rate: 3.3%
Wage base rate: $32,300
Workers Benefit Fund: No change in rate: 2.8 cents per hour
Transit taxes:
TriMet: 0.006918
Lane: 0.0067 


Oregon Payroll Laws- Electronic W-2 and W-2 Filing 

Effective for calendar year 2010, businesses with 50 or more employees and all payroll service providers are required to report W-2 information electronically. The transmittal due date is March 31, 2011. Only Form W-2 are filed electronically; paper W-2s or other forms of media are not accepted. Note: Although employers are not required to submit paper copies of W2 information, it is important to keep copies in case you are requested to do so at a later date. 

Oregon employers can use our W2 Software to print and eFile Oregon and SSA W2 Forms. To learn more you can visit our W2 Software page. 

Oregon Payroll Laws-Outsourcing Payroll:

When outsourcing payroll, whether using a Oregon payroll service provider or Oregon bookkeeping firm, it is important to be aware of the following: 

A. The employer is ultimately responsible for correctly reporting and paying state and federal payroll taxes, even if the third party is making the deposits. Be sure that your payroll provider has up to date information to correctly file and pay all payroll tax obligations. Even if the third party payroll provider fails to correctly report and pay all payroll tax obligations, the employer is still held liable for any penalties and interest that is assessed. 

B. Periodically review your account to make sure everything is current and up to date. Contact the different tax agencies if needed to verify that your account is current. 

C. If there are issues on the account, correspondence is always sent to the employer address on record. Make sure that you report any address changes so that you are kept informed of any tax matters involving your business.